3 Tips to Cut Energy Costs



Expenses add up quickly nowadays – grocery prices seem to always rise, housing can be costly, and home maintenance costs can be a real hit to the family budget. For many individuals as well as families in the area, money is tight and they are on the lookout for ways to save money. Your heating and cooling bill can fluctuate depending on the seasons. But, if you’re looking for a way to not only conserve energy but put a few extra pennies in your bank, we’ve listed some helpful tips that can help you save money on your energy bill every month.

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Choosing an air conditioner that’s right for you

The glorious warm days of spring and summer are back! This time of the year in the Pacific Northwest is so beautiful and is a great way to sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature. But, with the warm days, having a cooling system that does its job well and is in great working order is important. Cooling off at home after a long day in the sun is a wonderful feeling. Don’t have a reliable cooling system in place yet? Get something ready before the weather turns hot! We’ve listed some beneficial tips that will help you choose an air conditioner that’s right for you.

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