Thermostat Setting: What’s the Difference between Auto and Fan?

Digital Thermostat with a male hand, set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Saved with clipping path for thermostat and hand combined.

What kind of thermostat do you have in your home or office? It doesn’t matter if you have a revolutionary Cor Thermostat that is programmable, or an older manual thermostat, or even just a standard digital one, you may have wondered what the difference is between the various fan settings. There are a lot of different thermostats out there and it may be overwhelming to understand what all of the functions are. Are there major differences between “auto” and “on” and how does that affect the comfort and efficiency of the air flow into your space?
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Meet David Eales: Finance Extraordinaire at Specialty!


We are proud of our outstanding team of employees at Specialty! Each one has a unique personality and skillset that makes our company an awesome place to work. David Eales who is our master number cruncher at Specialty, celebrates 10 years with our company this year! David does a great job for us, so we thought we would give you a chance to get to know him a little bit.

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