Do you need a new HVAC system?

new HVAC system

If you need a new HVAC system added or replaced in your home, we know that it may be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding which system is right for you. There are certainly a lot of options out there and choosing the right system means that you’ll have some big decisions to make. What features should be included? How much will it be? What size system does your home need to operate with maximum efficiency? Our experienced team of HVAC professionals at Specialty can help you with these questions and get you a new system up and running quickly!

HVAC system basics:
There are several basic HVAC systems. Most commonly, HVAC systems are forced-air systems, which require ductwork to bring conditioned air to the home. Return air is then cooled or heated by the system. Standard systems include:

Furnace systems: These usually use natural gas to bring heat to the home. It is also common to have furnaces that are electric or require propane or oil as an energy source.  

Air conditioning systems: These units are most often used in tandem with furnaces to cool the home. They require an evaporator coil and blower.

Heat pumps: Heat pump systems are desirable for many homeowners because they are cost effective, energy efficient, and will offer both heating and cooling options in one system.

Ductless heat pumps: These are one of the fastest growing segments for heating and cooling options. For homes that do not have ductwork, ductless heat pumps are a wonderful option that will help the homeowner save money on energy bills while keeping their home comfortable.

During your research, be sure to look at efficiency ratings of the various units, as those can also be a large part of the decision making process. Look at the efficiency ratings on each machine, as this can help you estimate the overall costs while you have the system when it comes to usage, repairs and maintenance, as well as the initial purchase and installation cost. Remember that the higher the rating number for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), the better energy and efficiency savings there are.

Not sure which system is right for your home?
Our experienced team at Specialty Heating & Cooling is happy to give you some options on what HVAC system is right for your home. Our options will provide what you need without going over budget. In addition, we are offering Carrier Cool Cash which means that you have the opportunity to save up to $3,475 on a new system with a combination of rebates and other incentives. Call us today to learn more!