3 Benefits of Professional Duct Sealing


If your home relies on a heating or cooling system with duct work, you depend on the air ducts to be efficient and distribute air to your whole home. If your home’s duct sealing is inadequate or there are air duct leaks, you may run into a variety of problems. Your ductwork is hidden from plain sight so many times, homeowners don’t even know there is an issue. This is why having professional duct sealing done in your home is so important, especially if you think you have faulty air ducts.

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How to heat and cool your accessory dwelling unit (ADU)

(Photo courtesy of Zillow)

Looking to downsize? A small house might be your answer! Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or tiny homes have become an incredibly popular option in recent years. These single dwelling homes are very affordable and they offer homeowners the exciting chance to purchase something without taking on a gigantic mortgage payment every month. It’s not just Portland and the surrounding areas that are seeing an increase of accessory dwelling units, either! The trend in buying and/or building tiny homes is something that has become very popular across the country. Continue reading