Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips


Carbon monoxide is a chemical compound that is odorless and colorless and if you’re exposed to it, it can be deadly. There can be a variety of carbon monoxide sources, but gas burning appliances as well as furnaces in the home can be one of the main causes. Unfortunately, there is always the potential for a carbon monoxide leak to occur. For this reason, it’s important and necessary to have carbon monoxide alarm or a carbon monoxide detector in your home so you can be prepared and get out of the house in case a leak happens or monoxide levels rise unexpectedly. Know what the signs and symptoms are of a carbon monoxide leak so you can avoid poisoning and get treatment right away.

Tip #1: Install quality carbon monoxide alarm:
We are proud to carry the Carrier® CO alarm, which uses sophisticated sensor technology to detect and record carbon monoxide levels. The digital display allows you to read what the level is in your home, detecting as low as 11 and as high as 999 parts per million. It updates every 15 seconds. The product plugs into any standard electrical outlet and has a 7 year limited warranty so you can be sure that you and your family are protected.

Tip #2: Test the alarms monthly and make sure batteries are adequate.
Test your alarms every month and if you ever hear the audible trouble sound, check for low batteries. If you replace the battery and it is still sounding, call the fire department and get out of the area quickly. Stay outside in the fresh air until you are cleared to go back inside.

Tip #3: Make sure your furnace and heat exchanger are in good working order.
Heat exchangers can release carbon monoxide into your house, so be sure that your furnace is cleaned and checked by a professional with routine maintenance checks. Our team of specialists can diagnose and spot flaws in your system that make them unsafe to operate.

Schedule an appointment for a tune-up and annual maintenance right away and if your home does not have a carbon monoxide alarm/detector, set up an installation appointment soon!

We’re Award Winners!


Every industry has its own awards for standards in excellence, much like the Oscars are to the movie industry or the Grammy’s are to the music industry. And it’s not only awards season in Hollywood….it is award season for our team at Specialty Heating & Cooling, too! We’ve walked the red carpet, are proud of our achievements, and are happy to share all of the amazing awards we are proud to have won in 2015.

Early in March, our team was at the Airefco/Carrier Dealer meeting and were awarded 5 awards to add to our wall.  We are proud to report that we won more awards than any other heating and cooling company in the NW Region. Here are some of the awards that we recently won:

-Sales award for growth
-Sales leader in ductless mini-splits
-Health Home leader
-Inverter leader

And here comes the drumroll for the biggest award…. The President’s Award! This award will be presented to company founder Norm Matheis at the national Carrier Dealer meeting in California. In fact, we have won the President’s Award more than any dealer in our region, 7 times! It is a big honor for our company!

Our management team is incredibly proud of our staff whose hard work made it happen. If it weren’t for all of them, our awards would not be possible! We’re proud to add these awards to our collection, but we’re even prouder that you allow us into your homes to give us a chance to earn them. Thank you!

Don’t Wait To Be Cool!

Three Reasons to Buy AC For Your Home Today

Portland Metro Area Residents, Remember Last Summer? Here are three big reasons you shouldn’t wait to be cool!

  1. Go Straight To The Front Of The Line!
    The Portland Metro area had record heat in 2015 and this year it is looking like we will experience more of the same heat we have seen in the past.  During peak season, AC waitlists can be as long as 8 weeks. The time to buy AC is now, before the backlog and waitlists begin.
  2. Quick Turn Around Time
    Installing AC during cooler seasons means you’re not competing with other customers for attention.  As a result, your installation can be turned around much more quickly.
  3. Great Financing Options!
    Right now we are offering a buy now pay later program, with no interest payments for 6 months. Why wait?

We offer the best service with quick turn around at a great rate here at Specialty Heating and Cooling. You don’t have to wait to be cool and comfortable.

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We’re not comfortable until you are!