Winter HVAC maintenance tips

The cool, wet weather is back and weather experts are predicting that this winter will be colder than usual this year. Besides bundling up in extra layers to stay warm, winterizing your furnace and performing regular maintenance on it should be a top priority. Your HVAC system is essential during the cold months of winter, so make sure that it’s working efficiently before it’s too late. Here are some winter HVAC maintenance tips.

Tip #1: Make sure filters are clean.
The filter is very important and clogged filters can disrupt the flow of air to your home. Not only that, dirty filters can trip safety switches inside the furnace. If this continues to happen, the system will have to work hard and it could cause the system to wear our quickly. Make sure to check your filters regularly and replace them as needed.

Tip #2: Clean the inside.
If you’re able to open up the inside of the furnace, you’re likely to see some debris and/or dust buildup. You don’t need anything special to clean this out, just grab a regular vacuum and clean it. This will not only allow for cleaner air to travel through your home, but it will help the machine function at its maximum efficiency.

Tip #3:  Don’t ignore unusual sounds.
If you’ve noticed some strange sounds coming out of your system recently, or if the system doesn’t seem to be acting right, don’t ignore these signs any longer. The worst time for your heater to break down is during a cold stretch of winter! Unusual sounds can be a sign that a part replacement or repair is needed. If you’re not sure, our team of experienced technicians can help accurately diagnose the problem and make sure that the system is fixed so you’re comfortable.

Tip #4: Set up an annual maintenance appointment.
Make sure that your HVAC system undergoes regular annual maintenance. This is a great investment and should be done at the turn of fall or winter. Maintenance appointments will help identify any potential problem areas that may be unseen that could lead to expensive repairs later down the road.

You and your family rely on the heater throughout the cold months, so it’s important to prepare your system for the upcoming weather. If your system needs servicing, you can easily request service online here. Or, perhaps your old furnace has reached the end of its lifetime and a new HVAC system is in order for your home. We offer a variety of quality heating systems and our team can help customize a solution for your home and most importantly, your budget. Contact us today!

Why is my furnace so loud?

The mornings and evenings in the Pacific Northwest are getting chilly, so you may have found yourself relying on your furnace to keep you warm! You’ve probably become used to the sounds that your furnace makes when it kicks on, but if there are some new noises that have developed recently that have you scratching your head, let us help. There may be a specific issue that needs to be addressed.

What are the causes of a loud furnace?
If you hear banging or a clanking sound, this could mean that there is a part of your system that has become loose or damaged. This could be an urgent issue that needs to be fixed right away, as other parts of the furnace could be damaged as a result of one damaged part. If it’s ignored for too long, the furnace could breakdown completely and may need to be replaced altogether.

If you hear a whining or whistling noise, this could mean there is a problem linked to the ductwork in the home. Gaps in ducts could cause a whistle and this means that the efficiency of your furnace is not up to par. Whistling noises could also mean that your filters are dirty and that they need to be cleaned out. Change or clean your filters every month.

If you notice a high-pitched screeching noise, this could be alarming and indicate that there is something wrong with the motor that blows the air. Perhaps it has come loose or is broken, or just needs to be lubricated so it can run smoothly.

If you’re experiencing other noises that we haven’t covered here, we’re happy to come and take a look at the system and see what’s going on. Our specialists at Specialty Heating & Cooling are experienced and can find and diagnose the problem quickly so you can run your furnace in peace and quiet in the comfort of your own home.

In addition, it’s important to stay on top of regular maintenance by having a team of professionals come out and service your furnace regularly. When your heating system is maintained in this way, these types of noises can usually be avoided altogether. Taking care of your home’s furnace is just like changing the oil or getting a tune-up on your car: this type of care means you’ll help prevent problems from happening in the future and you’ll maintain optimal comfort and efficiency throughout the year!

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