Signs that your ductwork needs to be sealed

It can sometimes be difficult to determine if your ductwork is leaking air. How do you really know that your ductwork is in need of sealing, especially when many of the ducts are unseen behind ceilings, walls, and floors? Here are some warning signs and common indicators that mean you should call us for duct sealing services.

Sign #1: Reduction in airflow.
A small hole in a portion of your ductwork could mean the airflow inside has been reduced significantly. When you notice that there isn’t as much airflow coming from the vents, it may mean that there is a leaking issue in the ducts that needs to be addressed.

Sign #2: High utility bills.
When the air pressure drops in your home, your HVAC system will need to work harder to reach the temperature you want in the home. This means that you’ll likely see an increase in your heating/cooling bills.

Sign #3: Unusual smell coming from the vents.
If there are any holes in your ductwork, they will many times appear in places that are dusty or musty, including crawl spaces or in between walls. The air in these areas usually don’t smell good, so you may notice unpleasant smells coming from the ductwork. If you notice this smell on a regular basis, call the professionals right away to do some investigating, as this air could be contaminated with harmful particles that you do not want to breathe.

If any of these things are happening in your home, do not delay in contacting HVAC professionals. Ignoring these warning signs could be harmful to your heating/cooling system, but your health as well. Even if there is not a leak in your ductwork, there could be other issues somewhere else in your HVAC system that need to be addressed.

The ductwork in your home plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to inside air quality. We’re proud to be a licensed contractor that offers Aeroseal duct sealing for clients around the area. Aeroseal is a patented solution that has a 98% success rate. This is an affordable solution that can fix leaks from the inside out and the best part is: you will notice a difference right away!

Contact us today for more information on how duct sealing can help you breathe cleaner air and stay comfortable all year long.

What are the different ways to finance your heating and cooling system?

If you’ve been contemplating upgrading your heating and cooling system, 2017 is the year to do it…especially if you love discounts and tax credits! Everyone appreciates saving money, especially when it comes to a big home improvement purchase. We have a variety of incentives, financing options, and tax credits that are ready and available for our customers this year.

Tax Credits:
There are a variety of state tax credits and energy rebates that can add up to substantial savings when it comes to replacing or upgrading your current heating and cooling system in your home. Gas furnaces are eligible for $352 or $492 in state tax credits this year, while ducted and ductless heat pumps could receive between $800 and $1300, depending on which system you get. PGE and Energy Trust of Oregon provide incentives as well.

  • Save up to $2,775 on a high efficiency Carrier Greenspeed system
  • Save up to $2,300 on a ductless heat pump system
  • Save up to $850 on a new high efficiency furnace

Visit our special offers page for more details and current incentives that are available.

Financing your system:
We’re dedicated to making your furnace replacement as hassle-free as possible. In addition to these great tax incentives and rebates, we also provide great financing options. We’re proud to partner with competitive financial institutions to offer some easy finance options that are available on approved credit that includes:

  • 0% Interest with payments over a specific timer period, 12, 18 and 60 months. Minimum monthly payments are required. 
  • Low monthly payment fixed rate programs (APR 7.49% on approved credit for 144 months)
  • No Payment and No Interest for 6 or 12 months

We’re happy to provide you with all of the details about each financing option so you can be sure you’re getting what works best with your monthly budget. 

Annual maintenance discounts:
Don’t forget about your annual maintenance that is very important for the longevity of your heating and cooling system and by manufactures to meet warranty requirements.  For improved air quality and comfort, as well as peace of mind knowing that the professionals have taken care of your HVAC system, we’re offering a special offer for your first annual maintenance appointment! Regularly valued at $189.95, you can now receive this service for $164.95. This is for first time customers of this service. Act today, because the offer ends February 28, 2017.

If you’re unsure of where to start, our team of specialized HVAC professionals will take a look at your home and give you options on which heating and cooling system would work best for your home’s layout. More importantly, we’ll help you find something that fits within your budget, we’ll help you determine which credits are available, and we even submit the required rebate and incentive forms for you.  2017 is your year to save thousands of dollars on a new system and stay comfortable at the same time!