National Heat Awareness Day Is Coming!

Springtime is here and before you know it, summer in the Pacific Northwest will be in full swing. Summer weather brings people out of their homes and into the warmth of the sun. While it’s a wonderful time of year to get outside and experience the great outdoors, the heat can also lead to a lot of weather related deaths and illnesses. Every year on the last Friday of May, National Heat Awareness Day is observed, which means we take time to stop and remind people to take care of themselves during the spring and summer heat. This year, National Heat Awareness Day is May 26.

When the Pacific Northwest experiences high heat or humidity, the National Weather Service may issue some advisories:

-Excessive heat watch
-Excessive heat warning/advisory
-Excessive heat outlook

When the heat starts to crank up, take precautions to stay cool by avoiding drinking alcohol, reducing your intake of sugar and caffeine, and avoid physical exertion. Find a place to cool off and increase how much water you’re drinking on those hot days. Babies and elderly individuals should all be especially careful, as their bodies cannot adjust to temperature fluctuations as well. Here are some other tips on how to avoid health problems related to heat.

-Keep your air conditioning tuned up regularly so it’s ready to turn on when the weather gets hot
-Use fans in areas where air conditioning isn’t an option
-Wear hats and sunblock to avoid direct sun exposure
-Wear loose, light clothing
-Increase your intake of cold water
-Stay in the shade as much as you can
-Talk to your doctor about illnesses that can increase your risk of heat-induced reactions or illnesses

In addition, don’t forget to take care of your pets when the heat strikes. Keep them indoors and as cool as possible. Keep fresh, cold water available for them at all times and if they do need to be outside, provide a cool place of shelter where they can get out of the heat.

Is your cooling system ready to keep you cool for the rest of the spring and summer? If not, contact us today for a tune-up or to talk about your options on what air conditioning system is right for your home. Perhaps you simply just need a new programmable thermostat that will help you better regular the function of your home’s cooling system. Act now, because there are a variety of rebates and incentives available on select systems that can help you save money and help you stay comfortable for years down the road.

Why you should service your commercial HVAC system in the spring

Spring is here and so far, it’s been a great mix of sun and rain.  Springtime brings lots of “spring cleaning” and other opportunities to catch up on de-cluttering or servicing parts in your office or commercial space. Maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is just as important as maintaining other equipment in your office. In addition, proper maintenance will save on energy bills and will help you avoid expensive repairs when you need your HVAC system the most.

Reason #1: Peak efficiency.
Commercial buildings use a lot of energy and that means you’re likely paying a significant amount of money on your company’s utility bill. If you want to cut costs, service your HVAC system and make sure everything is in good working order. If your system is old and out of date, the equipment is less efficient and may have hidden costs in the long run.

Reason #2: Enhanced comfort.
If your system has not been properly taken care of, chances are it’s working harder than it needs to and you may have hot or cold spots throughout your commercial space.   And because spring brings warmer weather, you’ll likely be looking for ways to keep you and your employees and customers comfortable with consistent temperatures, great indoor air quality, and humidity control.

Reason #3: The condenser needs to be cleared.
Over the winter, debris, dirt, and leaves can build up around the unit. Head outside and clear any debris off that you see and make sure nothing as built up inside the condenser area. If dirt or debris build up accumulates over time, it could cause damage to the inner components of the machine and could mean you’ll have to come up with money for an unexpected costly repair.

Reason #4: Changing filters will help prolong the life of the system.
You should change your commercial HVAC system filter on a regular basis. This will help extend the life of your HVAC unit and will also help it operate at peak efficiency. If you’re not sure how to change the filter, ask one of our HVAC professionals during your preventative service appointment to show you.

There’s no better time to make an appointment for your preventative maintenance service appointment with our experienced team of professionals. Spring is a busy time and appointment times are filling up fast, so call and get on the books today. If you’re interested in upgrading your heating and cooling system so it’s ready to tackle the heat of the Pacific Northwest summer, we can help with that, too. Call us today for more information.