What’s the difference between a heat pump and air conditioning?

Pacific Northwest weather gives us a little bit of everything! Some months have more rain and cold than others, but during the summer, we definitely get some hot weather that can get uncomfortable. Many homeowners have furnaces that are used during the winter, but when it comes to the summertime, they’re left with old, inefficient window air conditioners. If you’ve ever wondered what the differences are between air conditioning systems and a heat pump, and if a heat pump is right for you, we can help!

The differences between a heat pump and an air conditioner:
Both systems use indoor and outdoor coils that will transfer refrigerant. Air conditioning systems will absorb heat that passes over the indoor coil within the system, which means that during the summer, cool air is transferred to the ductwork of your home and hot air is moved out. However, heat pumps will take outside heat to warm your home and will cool it by taking the heat out in the winter and in the summer, it will remove hot air and bring cold air in – all in one system. No matter what time of year it is, a heat pump will provide the comfort you need.

Heat pumps and an air conditioner are both great choices when it comes to the wide range of options between the two for cooling your home.  Upgrading to a heat pump can be beneficial since it heats and cools the home and can save significant money on your utility bill year around, which means that the cost of the unit will likely pay for itself over time quicker than an air conditioner.

Which system is right for your home?
A new heating and cooling system for your home is an investment, but it is something that you won’t regret, because it will add value to your home and provide you and your family with a better quality of life! There are a variety of great systems that can work for your home. Here are some of our top recommendations:

Carrier 18vs Heat Pump:
This energy efficient heat pump stands out! It offers variable-speed compression that can change to as many as 5 stages. The ability to run at lower speeds means that it will be quieter and better at removing humidity from the air. It leaves temperatures even throughout the home, which allows users to get the most out of the unit’s efficiency levels. It’s also small, light, durable, and comes with a 10 year limited warranty, so you can rely on it for years to come.

Hybrid Heat:
Hybrid systems offer users the comfort of gas heat furnace with the efficiency of a heat pump. Hybrid heating systems, such as the Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace and the Carrier Infinity 20 heat pump with Greenspeed Intelligence, are dual systems that can provide cool air and heat, making it a product you can use year round. You’ll use your gas furnace about 15% of the time during the winter months and for the rest of the time, the heat pump will keep you cool and it will cost less to operate in the long term.

Carrier Infinity 20 Heat Pump:
This unit is as quiet as a whisper and provides Greenspeed Intelligence. It comes with the highest rating for efficiency.  The variable-speed compressor allows it to adapt to the unique needs of the home and can adjust between 40 and 100% capacity.

Carrier 19 Air Conditioner:
This air conditioning model has extremely high energy efficiency and is very quiet, with sound levels as low as 56 decibels. It has superior humidity control, variable speed operation for premium comfort, and uses non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant. It also comes with a 10 year limited parts warranty, which offers users peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

Did you know that there are incentives and rebates available through the Energy Trust of Oregon, Portland General Electric and the State of Oregon?  With the State of Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit ending in 2017 it means now is a great time to replace your heating and cooling system!

Contact us for details on which system might be right for you and how you can benefit from the incentives that are currently active! We’ll help you figure out the details!

Why You Should Check for Air Leaks During the Summer

Summer is here! The warm temperatures are here to stay for a while and your air conditioner will be put to the test, working hard to keep you comfortable and cool each day. Did you know that the ductwork connected to your cooling system can accumulate dust and dirt, and even develop small cracks over time that leak air? This translates to air that isn’t as clean and a lot of wasted energy if it’s not discovered quickly. In addition, this makes your system work harder and it can negatively impact the efficiency of your system and could cause unnecessary breakdowns.

Here’s why you should check for air leaks this summer:

The ductwork in your home plays a big role in the overall comfort and temperature inside. When leaky ducts are present, air can’t reach the rooms in your home quickly and your system has to work harder to reach the designated temperature. Unsealed ductwork can also cost you money. An HVAC system that’s working hard makes the operating components worn down. This means it costs more to run and has to run for longer periods of time.

Your ductwork usually runs through the dustiest and dirtiest parts of your home, including the crawlspace. When there are leaks in the ducts, dirty air particles that are full of dust, harmful debris, or bacteria can get inside of your home and that means you and your family are breathing contaminated air that could be damaging to your airway and health.

We’re proud to be a licensed contractor that offers Aeroseal duct sealing. Aeroseal is a patented solution that has a 98% success rate for homeowners, making it an affordable way to fix leaks from the inside out. Aeroseal technology blows microscopic particles of sealant into the ductwork of your home and they form bonds into the holes and cracks of the ductwork. It’s an instant fix and you’ll notice a difference immediately in the even cooling of your home. In addition, you’ll likely see a difference in your utility bills because less energy is being wasted!

Don’t delay on having your home’s ductwork checked for leaks and holes. Contact us today to find out more information about our experience helping customers around Oregon with Aeroseal duct cleaning. Need to replace or repair an HVAC system for your home or office space? We can help with that too, so contact us today!