The Importance of Duct Cleaning

Clean air ducts are incredibly important – especially now when pollen counts are high! Your ducts should be inspected and cleaned regularly by a team of professionals and our team at Specialty is trained and certified to do a great job at getting your ductwork cleaned out quickly and efficiently.

Why is duct cleaning important?

1. Better indoor air quality:
Have you noticed that your home is dusty all the time or that your allergies or asthma continue to plague you? If you get your air ducts cleaned out, you may see a difference in your you feel, simply because your HVAC system will be able to pull in clean air. If the ductwork is dirty, air pollutants, dust, chemicals, pollen, and dander will be pulled through the system and circulated into the air you breathe inside your home.

2.  You can save money.
If your ducts are clogged with contaminants, your system is probably working harder than it needs to. This means that you are using more energy than you have to and your utility bill is probably higher than it has to be. Also, when your system is working this hard, it can be tough on the machine and other working parts, thus shortening the overall lifespan of the unit.  

How can Specialty Heating & Cooling help you get clean air ducts in your home?

Once you schedule an appointment for air duct cleaning, we will likely be there the whole day working on the ducts. We use powered HEPA filtration machines – a 2000 CFM Free Air machine with dual motor and HEPA level filtration, with brushes that will ensure that no damage is done to the duct work. If you have flexible duct work, we will use nylon brushes. If you have steel ductwork, we have steel brushes that will clean the ducts perfectly.

Read more about duct cleaning, then call us today and request an evaluation here. Our non-pushy sales professionals are glad to share how our duct cleaning works and what options you have that will fit your home and most importantly, your budget!

7 responses on “The Importance of Duct Cleaning

  1. Sarah Smith

    I had no idea that cleaning your air duct can lead to saving money. I’ll have to see about getting someone to come in and clean my air ducts so that I can start saving money. Thanks for that advice about the importance of cleaning ducts.

  2. Gregory Willard

    I think it’s interesting that if your ducts are clogged, then your system could be working harder than it needs to. I have always tried my best to save money on our bills. I will have to have someone come clean our ducts so we aren’t losing money.

  3. Scott

    Great article. I like that you point out that duct cleaning improves air quality. I can see why this would be good to know for people who tend to have problems with allergies. I’ll have to remember this the next time allergy season comes around.

  4. Brown

    The thought of breathing in all kinds of dust and germs all the time is frightening. We also have two dogs, so I’m sure our air quality is even worse because of the pet dander and extra dirt they track into the house. I would hate to see everything that comes out of our ductwork. We will be scheduling this service in the very near future.

  5. Frank Delaware

    I had no idea that air duct cleaning can actually help you save money by using less energy in your house! Since we have been spending a lot of money to heat our house, it would be nice to know that cleaning out the ducts will fix that. Plus, it would be nice to know that the air quality will help out our family.

  6. Jenna Hunter

    Yesterday, during the storm, the furnace kicked in and I noticed that that house wasn’t getting warmer it was actually getting colder. I was impressed to read in the text that if your ducts are clogged with contaminants, your system is probably working harder than it needs to. I am no expert but I would imagine getting it checked out would help keep our house warm!

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