How to heat and cool your accessory dwelling unit (ADU)

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Looking to downsize? A small house might be your answer! Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or tiny homes have become an incredibly popular option in recent years. These single dwelling homes are very affordable and they offer homeowners the exciting chance to purchase something without taking on a gigantic mortgage payment every month. It’s not just Portland and the surrounding areas that are seeing an increase of accessory dwelling units, either! The trend in buying and/or building tiny homes is something that has become very popular across the country.

What are some of the benefits of ADUs?
ADUs are very small, so they won’t work for every family or individual. However, they do have some huge positive incentives, including significant energy savings. Because ADUs are tiny, they require less energy use and homeowners will be able to save money on utility bills every month. They are also affordably priced and require little maintenance.

How big are ADUs?
ADUs can vary in size, usually from 200 square feet to 800 square feet. Because of their small size, they’re extremely efficient and fairly inexpensive to build or purchase. They are great choices for people that want to buy a large piece of land and live simply. They’re also wonderful options for those concerned about energy performance and Per capita energy consumption. In Portland especially, home prices are extremely expensive and are continuing to rise, making home ownership impossible for many families. For individuals or families that want to buy a home but can’t afford the median home price in the Portland area, ADUs may be an attractive option.

What’s the best option to heat and cool an ADU?
Tiny homes typically will not have the space for ductwork that goes into a traditional home’s heat/air conditioning system. For this reason, a ductless mini-split system is the go-to choice for heating and cooling ADUs. These systems are very energy efficient, won’t take up a lot of space, and are virtually silent. They will heat and cool your home year round with the touch of a button. Ductless mini-splits are installed in just a few hours and there is little to no upkeep after that. We’re proud to carry and install high quality ductless mini-splits from reliable brands, including Carrier. Ductless mini-split systems are also well-priced and won’t put you over budget.

If you think a ductless mini-split is a good option for your home or you’re considering buying or building an accessory dwelling unit, we can help you find the right system! In addition, there are a variety of tax incentives, including incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon in 2016 that can help you save more money!

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