It’s time to clean your air conditioner coils!

It’s been a HOT summer in Oregon this year! Temperatures have been in the high 90ºs on a regular basis and it’s been quite humid as well! During this type of weather, people that have air conditioning are very grateful! It’s easy to just turn on your machine and not think about what goes in to making it work, but did you know that maintaining it well can not only keep your system efficient but it will also help maintain its life? We recently saw a heat pump completely ruined because it had never been maintained!
How to keep your system maintained well:
Always keep the outdoor condenser unit free of debris and rinse it down every so often to be sure that it is kept clean. Also, if your unit has filters, change them at least every few months, especially during peak heating and cooling times.

Why keeping coils clean is important:
A heat pump works on the basic principle of transferring heat. The system is made to move heat from one place to another – either hot air moves outside or cold air moves inside. This is completed by a refrigerant, a compressor, and coils. By looking at it, it may look complicated, but the technology itself is pretty easy to understand. The coils are a very important part of the heat pump and if they aren’t properly cleaned or maintain, your home will not be as cool or warm as you may want it. If the coils are never cleaned, they will become plugged with debris and dust – so much so that they can stop working altogether!

Not sure where to start when it comes to maintaining your heating and cooling unit? Our team at Specialty is experienced and ready to help. Don’t let inefficient maintenance wreck such a critical part of your home or office. Professional annual maintenance by a team of professionals will ensure that your machine is operating at its optimal functioning capacity, as well as meeting manufacturer’s requirements for warranties. Call us today and request an evaluation here. Our non-pushy professionals are glad to help you get your system clean and functioning well. Need a new system completely? We’re glad share what new options you have that will fit your home, lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget!

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