Carrier Greenspeed – The Highest Efficiency Heat Pump!

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Most Greenspeed Heat Pumps will qualify for the following:

  • $1,500 ODOE Tax Credit
  • $650 Energy Trust of Oregon Rebate
  • $-200 PGE Instant Rebate
  • $1,400 Cool Cash Rebate

$-3,750 Total Incentives!

That’s up to 25% OFF the average 3 ton installation price!

The Carrier Greenspeed heat pump is the most efficient heat pump on the market. The best news is how Greenspeed features and benefits are simply ideal for Pacific Northwest home owners. The below video is a very informative piece from Carrier, it’s about 8 minutes long but contains lots of great information:

Carrier Greenspeed - Say Goodbye to High Energy Bills

What makes it more efficient than other heat pumps?

  1. 1. 30% higher energy efficiency ratings
  2. 2. Whisper quiet operation
  3. 3. Variable speed compressor technology
  4. 4. Operates at lower temperatures

30% Higher Energy Efficiency = Save Energy Costs

Greenspeed - Top Level Performance

Heat Pump energy efficiency is typically rated by HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor). HSPF is a running average of heating efficiency during pre-determined temperature settings. HSPF is measured by the manufacturing company and verified by AHRI (American Heating Refrigeration Insitute). AHRI ratings are what the Federal Energy Star program use to verify efficiency and award tax credits.

The Greenspeed heat pump achieves an unprecedented 13 HSPF compared to previous highs ranging from 9 – 9.5 HSPF. Yes, this means that the Greenspeed heat pump can save up to 30% on your current heating costs!

Variable Speed Compressor = Energy Savings

Think of the compressor as the heart of the heat pump. It resides in the center of the heat pump unit and controls the speed and flow of refrigerant. The refrigerant is the stuff that actually moves heat to and from your house depending on whether it’s in heating or cooling mode.

Road Sign - Savings Ahead

Most compressors are like standard light switches. They are either all on or all off. Recent advancements have introduced 2-stage compressors which provide the option of operating at about 65% capacity or 100% capacity. Greenspeed compressors have revolutioned compressor technology by behaving like a dimmer switch. They gradually ramp up and down in 1% increments between 30% – 100% capacity!

This variable speed capacity allows the Greenspeed heat pump to more accurately provide the heating and cooling needs of your home based on real time needs. No more turning on at 100% and dumping as much air into the house as it can for short periods of time (short cycling).

Whisper Quiet Operation = More Comfort & Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, the Northwest is a pretty moderate climate and we don’t need the full capacity of our heating or cooling equipment most of the time. That’s what makes the gradual control of the Greenspeed heat pump so perfect for us. The Greenspeed heat pump will often work at lower, slower capacities to perfectly provide the heating/cooling needs of your home without encountering the dangers of short cycling.

Boy Making "Quiet" sign

While operating at low capacity, the Greenspeed unit is whisper quiet. On a decibel rating scale, this is approximtely 54 dBA. That is quieter than the levels of a normal conversation. Average heat pumps operate at a single decibel rating of about 75 dBA. For more information on decibel ratings, click here.

Check out this amazing video from another NW Heating Contractor. Be sure to turn up your volume so you can hear him whisper when comparing noise levels. You won’t believe your ears!

Low Temperature Operations

I saved the best for last. Because the Greenspeed variable speed compressor can modulate at different speeds, it can pull heat from colder outdoor air.

Typically, heat pumps become inneficient at moving outdoor air heat to your indoors at temperatures below 35 degrees F (click here to learn more about how heat pumps work).

The Carrier Greenspeed heat pump will efficiently operate temperatures as low as 17 degrees F! We just don’t have many days that cool in the Portland Oregon area which means more expensive back-up heat is rarely, if ever used.

Specialty Heating & Cooling #1 Greenspeed Installer for Oregon 2012!

Woman holding a sign that says "And the winner is ..."

We’re proud to say that Specialty Heating & Cooling was the #1 Greenspeed heat pump installer last year. We are such big believers in how these heat pumps save customers money, create more comfortable environments, elimate noisome outdoor sounds and provide stellar peace of mind that we sold and installed more Greenspeed systems than any other contractor in our state!

Specialty Heating & Cooling logo

What’s even better is the customer response. We have a 100% Customer Satsifaction with the Greenspeed systems and couldn’t be more thrilled to help valued clients finally receive the comfort they deserve.

Click here to see more videos about the Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump.

To learn more, please contact us for a FREE In Home Evaluation. Our Sales Professionals are highly experienced, educated and proud of our “Non-Pushy Guarantee”!

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