Carrier introduces the revolutionary Cor™ Thermostat

Say goodbye to ineffective thermostats in your home! The new Côr™ thermostat by Carrier is a revolutionary way to control your home’s comfort and it also has the ability to save an average of 20% on heating and cooling energy costs. * This awesome thermostat has wireless connectivity and is flexible enough to work with almost any brand of home heating and cooling system. If you have an older or outdated thermostat that isn’t working at its peak anymore, this isn’t just a regular upgrade. It can revolutionize a lot – it allows for greater control over the temperature of your home with just a touch of a finger. Program it to your smartphone through the app feature and take advantage of energy reports and other customized savings tips that are helpful.

Additional features of the Côr™ thermostat:

  • Software that adapts beyond manual programming for greater efficiency, while meeting ideal comfort levels by understanding home and system characteristics, including:
  • Heating/Cooling Smart Setback
  • Super Dehumidification, Cool to Dehumidify
  • Comfort Heat Pump System™ Feature
  • Auxiliary Heat During Defrost
  • Fan Optimization
  • Air Circulation (minimum time per hour)
  • Free Cooling with a Ventilator
  • Window Protect with a Humidifier
  • 7-day programmability with Guided Scheduling, Comfort Profiles, and Touch-N-Go® Feature
  • Smartphone style, color touch screen
  • Indoor humidity sense and display
  • Local 4-day weather forecast
  • HVAC system alerts and maintenance reminders display dealer contact information

The best part is: you don’t have to do a thing. Our professional installation service team is a certified Carrier ® dealer and can install your new Côr™ thermostat quickly so you can get the most out of this innovative technology. Your home – and you – will be set up to be comfortable in no time at all!

Call us today for information on how you can upgrade your thermostat and start saving money at the same time! We will be receiving a shipment of this fantastic product soon. We’re proud of your experienced sales team and their non-pushy approach.


*Based on a 2012 third-party study comparing Carrier® Cor™ technology to the estimated cost of a non-programmable thermostat set to 72°F at all times.

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