Case Study: Aeroseal


Every week, we are in contact with hundreds of customers that are having issues with their heating or cooling system in their home or office. Here’s a case study example of how a customer calls in with an issue and how we can help quickly and efficiently.

The problem:
The customer called in because they had excessive dust issues within the home. Our specialist recommended a duct and home leakage test to assess where the dust might be coming from. The customer agreed!

The initial process:
After our test, the ductwork showed that it was over 700% leakier than what is allowed by current code! We decided the best course of action would be to first clean out the duct system and then seal it with Aeroseal to prevent the dust from getting back into the duct system. While we were cleaning the ductwork, we found several big leaks and a disconnected 12 inch round supply duct in the crawlspace. We hand-sealed the big leaks and repaired the 12 inch duct at that time.

The solution:
The next day, we came in to do the Aeroseal work and even after the repairs that had been done the day before, the rest of the duct system had 455 cubic feet per minute of duct leakage. That is a lot of leakage – over 25% capacity! The other issue is that the supply side duct leakage was far higher than the return side leakage. This creates a condition that the home pulls outside air into the home. That air usually comes up from the crawlspace and down from the attic, which is NOT the kind of air that want pulled into your home.

We did the Aeroseal process and reduced the supply side leakage. When all was said and done, we saw a 90% reduction in leakage. That significant reduction will end up saving the customer about 25% on their heating and cooling bills. The payback for them will be 4-5 years at the most – a great return on investment. In addition, they will see a lot less dust and they’ll have healthier, cleaner air quality. Further, they’ll be a lot more comfortable since the air will actually get to the rooms instead of being wasted in the crawlspace.

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