Choose The Right HVAC System

The Right HVAC System For You

Infinity Air conditioner & Gas FurnacePurchasing a heating and cooling system today can be one of the five largest investments you make in your adult life. The equipment and installation will determine the comfort you feel (or don’t feel), the cost of monthly operation, and the quality of the air you breath within your home. Some things you want to give serious consideration to when choosing the equipment are: Equipment that has a proven history of durability, reliability, quiet operation, good warranties and again, proven customer satisfaction.

GREAT equipment is worthless if installed poorly or incorrectly.

Installations that meet local code requirements are a must with SHC.

SIZING the equipment properly using ACCA Manual J for the home or business is crucial – no guessing. BIGGER IS BETTER?…NOT TRUE. Oversized equipment can cause some of the following problems:

  • Short Cycle (runs for shorter periods of time than it should).
  • Use more electricity than a properly sized unit.
  • Uneven temperature swings throughout the home
  • Decrease your comfort level by creating a clammy feel.
  • Be noisier than necessary.
  • Can cover up other problems.
  • When replacing – always replace the Indoor Coil so you have a matched system.
  • Existing Duct Work – The ductwork is like the veins providing the blood flow to your heart. You want to make sure your existing ductwork is sized properly for the heating and/or cooling system you are considering.