Cut your electric bill costs this winter!

Goodbye, summer! The scorching days of summer are in the past now, so that means that it’s time to start getting ready for the cold weather months. When the cold weather sets in, it’s common for many homeowners to see a huge increase in the price of their utility bills. Are you tired of seeing this change, year after year? If you are looking for ways to save money or if you want to minimize your direct impact on the environment, here are some helpful tips that you can help, and you won’t need to sacrifice warmth or comfort!

Tip #1: Use natural heat sources.
Sure, the sun isn’t out for quite as long and it isn’t as hot as it is during the summer, but it is definitely there and can be used to your advantage. Open your curtains and blinds and allow free heat to permeate your space. When the sun starts going down for the day and the air gets colder, be sure to close the window treatments to keep the warm air inside.

Tip #2: Layer up.
Grab extra shirts, an extra pair of socks, and pile on a couple of extra blankets at night if you need to – layering clothing or blankets is one of the simplest ways to bundle up and stay warm. In addition, adding rugs to hardwood floors is another way to keep your space warm and cozy.

Tip #3: Don’t waste heat.
Keeping your thermostat set at an even temperature throughout each day and evening allows you to save significant money every year. If you have spaces in your home that aren’t used all the time, don’t heat them. Close the doors and close off the vents. By doing this, you are reducing airflow to the rooms and you’re not wasting heat. If you do need to use the room, just use a small space heater to heat it for the time that you need rather than cranking up the thermostat for the whole house.

Tip #4: Be sure you have good insulation.
A great heating system can only do so much. If you have poor wall or attic insulation, you’re likely throwing money away in escaped heat. Adding some new insulation – even some inexpensive stuff found at your local home improvement store – is a worthwhile investment.

Tip #5: Keep your furnace maintained well.
Be sure that you clean your filters on a monthly basis. Keeping these filters clean is important, because if they get blocked with excess debris or dust, it can cause the machine to work harder and in turn, increase the amount of energy that is used. After checking the filter, replace it when it gets dirty, and be sure that you schedule maintenance on a regular basis for the furnace to ensure that there aren’t any major issues happening.

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If this year is the year that you’ve decided enough is enough in costly heating bills, get excited! Saving money and keeping warm throughout the fall and winter months is possible. What are you going to do with all that extra money in your pocket?

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  1. caroline

    Great post Brooke! Insulation is definitely number one on my list but home owners here in the UK seem to neglect this so much! From lofts to walls to any hole or crack that could let in or out any air- It doesn’t matter how good the heating system, it won’t be effective or cost efficient if air is escaping! i wish more people understood this

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