Did you know we sell & install water heaters?


Specialty Heating & Cooling is now selling and installing water heaters! Did you know that your water heater plays a major role in your home energy costs? Water heating is important, not just because you need hot water in your home, but because it can be a real drain on your energy bill if you don’t have one that is efficient and working properly.

What types of water heaters are there?
There are several types of water heaters out there with the most traditional one being a conventional storage water heater, which offers a reservoir of hot water. There are also efficient electric water heaters. Because water heaters may use the most electricity daily, choosing one that has an Energy Star rating is important. These can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the water heater. There are also natural gas water heaters that can also save you big bucks in gas costs annually, especially with the Energy Star label. These water heaters include gas storage water heaters as well as gas tankless water heaters.

How should you select a new water heater?
You should consider the type of fuel or energy source that you use for water heating and how that will affect the yearly operation costs. Next, consider the storage volume and how much you and your household will need. Soaking tubs and high flow shower heads play a large role in this selection.   A standard tank (about 40-50 gallons) is usually sufficient for 1-3 people. A medium (80 gallon) storage tank or high recovery 50 gallon tank often works out well for 3-4 people. For more than 4 people a second tank may be needed.

When should you replace your water heater?
Did you know that it’s recommended that you replace your water heater every 10 years? It’s common for people to not even think about replacing the water heater in their home until it fails. This leaves you without hot water! Yikes!

If your water heater is older than 10 years old or you keep running out of hot water, call us today and request an evaluation here. Our non-pushy sales professionals are glad to share what new options you have that will fit your home, lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget!

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