Will Duct Cleaning Help My Air Conditioning Efficiency?

duct cleaning
The warm weather is back and that means that your air conditioner is probably working hard to keep you cool and comfortable. Did you know that certain parts of your air conditioning system are prone to collecting dust and dirt? One of these areas is your ductwork. Duct cleaning is recommended every few years. If it doesn’t, dust and dirt will build up and this will impact the efficiency of your cooling system. Our team of experts at Specialty Heating & Cooling is experienced in duct cleaning!

How does duct cleaning help your air conditioning?

Dirty and dusty air ductwork can restrict air flow. Without the right air flow, your system will need to work harder. This could cause certain parts of the system to breakdown or malfunction, which could lead to costly repairs. In addition, if dust and dirt are circulating throughout the ductwork, debris will also be pumped through the system components and coils. This will reduce efficiency and also increase your energy bills. When you hire a professional team to clean your ducts, excess debris, dirt, and dust, will be removed and the ducts are able to operate well and the cycle of dust and dirt will be stopped.

How can Specialty Heating & Cooling help you clean your ducts?

When you call and schedule an appointment with us for air duct cleaning, you can expect us to be there an entire day, using high powered HEPA filtration machines. We will use a 2000 CFM Free Air machine with dual motor and HEPA level filtration, with brushes that will guarantee that no damage is done to the duct work as a whole. If you have flexible duct work, we will use nylon brushes. If you have steel ductwork, we have steel brushes that will efficiently clean the ducts.

Prices start at $580 for a small house and up to $1,000 for a large home, but call us today and request an evaluation here. Our non-pushy sales professionals are glad to share what new options you have that will fit your home, lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget!

2 responses on “Will Duct Cleaning Help My Air Conditioning Efficiency?

  1. DoloresB

    There are a lot of things you need to check and have maintained when trying to set up your a/c for the spring and summer months. Duct cleaning is part of that, so don’t forget to have the ducts cleaned when you are getting it ready. That way it will help your system be more energy efficient.

  2. Olivia Sherwin

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that cleaning your ducts can improve the airflow, and even prevent breakdown. I figured that dust buildup would make your HVAC system run less efficiently, but I didn’t realize it could cause a breakdown! I haven’t had mine cleaned for a while, so I’ll definitely look into having that done. Thanks for the great post!

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