No ducts? No problem.

10289803_663064990407808_63201194573798700_nIf you’re tired of paying huge electricity bills because of your electric baseboard heating or if you’re sick of hauling that huge window air conditioning unit in and out of your home every summer, we’ve got good news! Ductless heat pumps offer year-round comfort while using up to 50 percent less electricity to heat or cool your home. Now through the end of June, buy a Daikin ductless heat pump & receive one interior unit (zone) free AND get up to $1390 in tax credits & rebates!!

What is a ductless heating and cooling?

Say goodbye to inefficient heating and cooling and say hello to quiet efficient heating & cooling year round! Today’s technology means that you don’t need to add expensive ductwork to your home. A ductless heating and cooling system allows you to heat or cool individual rooms, zones, or your whole home at once. All it takes is a remote-controlled thermostat and you have quiet, reliable comfort. The outdoor unit will pull heat from the outside air and moves it inside during colder winter months.

Installation is fast and easy. We can install the heat pump within a matter of hours and it is easy to maintain. You can rely on the system to heat and cool your home for years to come – it is dependable and will save you a lot of money through the years.

How can you save money on a ductless heat pump?
Now through the end of June, qualified ductless, mini-split heat pumps allow customers that meet program criteria and installation requirements to qualify for a variety of savings, including:

  • • A $200 instant discount, courtesy of a PGE-approved contractor
  • • Up to an $800 Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentive
  • • Up to a $1,390 Oregon energy tax credit

Summer is coming and so is the warm weather. Get a new heating and cooling system in before the extreme weather hits. May is the perfect time to do it – the weather is just starting to warm up and you’ll have time to explore everything that a new heat pump offers. If you’re tired of sweating through the summer months with inefficient fans or window units, a ductless heat pump might be your answer. Not sure if you qualify? Give us a call today at 503.946.6396 and we’ll help answer any questions you might have.

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