Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency For Your Home


Spring time weather can really be up and down. One day it’s sunny and warm, the next day, it’s a mix of rain, downpours, and cold. When the temperature fluctuates so much, it can be a bit of a challenge finding a comfortable temperature to set your heating and cooling system to, as each day will vary. But if you continually change around the temperature settings, it can be a waste of energy and can also be a big hit on your wallet when you get your energy bill each month. Wondering how you can reduce your energy use and conserve energy everywhere else in your home? Here are some simple tips!

  1. Keep the thermostat set lower.
    If you keep your thermostat set lower throughout the day, you’ll notice a difference in your energy use and your energy bill, especially if you turn it down or off when you are not home or don’t need it. If it’s a sunny day, open up your window coverings and let natural light and warmth come in. The sun will work to heat your home and you won’t need to use your furnace so much.
  2. Get a Côr™ Thermostat.
    Is your current thermostat inefficient and ineffective? The new Côr™ thermostat by Carrier is an innovative way to control your home’s temperature and it has the ability to save the average person 20% on heating and cooling costs! It is a wireless and will work with any system. Specialty Heating & Cooling is a proud certified Carrier ® dealer and can install your new Côr™ thermostat quickly so you can get the most out of this ground breaking technology. Read more about the benefits of the Côr™ here.
  3. Add insulation.
    Do you have poor insulation in your home? If so, a lot of your heat will be lost and you’ll be wasting energy without even knowing it. Be sure that your home has the right amount of insulation in it. This is relatively inexpensive and soon after adding more insulation, you’ll have a more energy efficient home.
  4. Upgrade your furnace.
    Do you have an old HVAC system? Old systems aren’t as energy efficient as the new ones available today. Whether it’s a ductless heat pump that makes the most sense for you, or a new furnace, we have a lot of different options for you that will allow you to stay within your budget.

Energy conservation and operating with an energy efficient outlook is important to help you reduce your energy costs and be kind to the Earth and its resources. Interested in learning more about a new thermostat or a new heating/cooling system? Contact us today for a free no-pressure quote.

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