Energy Savings Agreement

Annual Maintenance Energy Savings Agreement

We offer top notch Precision Tune-Ups through our Annual Maintenance Energy Savings Agreements for both your home and business. Interested in just trying us out? We also offer single-visit Tune-Ups and you can decide which service you’d like to pay for once the work is done! For more details see the ESA Benefits section below.

We’re pleased to offer prepaid annual maintenance packages as well as a monthly EZ-Pay program to fit your budget. For pricing and payment options please call our office: (503)620-5643.

If you are already an ESA Customer and would like to schedule your pre-paid maintenance visit or tune-up you may also use the form below.

Clean condenser coil and test for coil damage or leaksDirt, grass or any foreign material on the condenser coil reduces the ability of heat transfer so unit has to run longer and costs more money to operate.
Monitor operating pressuresImproper refrigerant charge could damage your compressor or lower the efficiency of your system and cause high electric bills.
Clean or replace filtersDirty or blocked filters can cause reduced airflow, high utility bills and shorten the life of the compressor, damaging the system.
Test compressor and motors for proper voltage and amperageThis helps extend the life of your compressor and other major electrical components of the system.
Test all safety featuresThis is essential for proper equipment operation and ensures you that your system will shut down if there is a harmful or unsafe problem.
Lubricate moving parts per manufacturers specificationsImproper lubrication causes components to drag and create an electrical overload which results in higher electric bills and equipment failure.
Program and calibrate thermostats (if existing thermostat can be calibrated)Improperly programmed or calibrated thermostats can call for more or less heating or cooling than desired for comfort levels. Also results in high utility bills.
Examine ducts for leaks and proper air flowDuct leaks in non-conditioned areas will cause poor system performance and improper heating and cooling. Also may result in high utility bills.
Test temperature differencesThis verifies efficient operation of the system to help lower utility bills and increase comfort.
Clean blower assemblyBy maintaining proper alignment and making sure all components are clean, you will ensure adequate airflow, lower utility costs and increase your comfort.
Clean and adjust burner assemblyDirty or improperly adjusted burners will result in excessive fuel usage and may cause damage to heat exchangers.
Examine heat exchangerA damaged or cracked heat exchanger could allow poisonous gases to enter your home.

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