Why Should I Get A Cooling System Tune-Up Now?

Air conditioning tune-upThe warm days of spring are coming and it’s time to get your cooling system ready to go!

Similar to how you care for your car or other appliances, your heating and cooling system needs a regular maintenance as well. Whether it’s a heat pump that provides your home with efficient heating and cooling or an air conditioning unit for cooling only, tune ups will help keep your system running effectively and will help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Many times, issues that happen with your cooling system could have been prevented with a routine maintenance check. But what other reasons are there to get a tune up?

– Tune-ups will keep your system running efficiently, which will lower your cooling bill
– Regular tune-ups will help increase the lifespan of your unit
– They improve indoor air quality, which can reduce allergy symptoms or ashtma
– Tune-ups can help save fuel and energy, which is environmentally friendly
– Tune-ups help identify many problems before they happen, saving you time, discomfort, and money in the long run

Our technicians can detect problems with your system quickly and efficiently.  We’ll make sure that the equipment is operating at its peak, make any adjustments or fixes necessary, then be on our way. With regular seasonal check-ups, you can help prevent future problems or unwanted costs.

In the meantime, keep in mind that there are some simple tricks to help cool your home without relying on your system all the time.

– Close your shades on direct sunlight
– Air out your home early in the morning before it gets too warm (windows and doors open) to cool the inside of the home, then close it up to keep cool air in
– Add an attic fan to help remove trapped hot air
– Use an awning on the outside of the home to provide ample shade

So, stay ahead of the game and have your cooling system ready to go just in time for those warm spring days that are coming!

For more information, call us at 503-862-2050 to set up your spring tune up. We’re happy to help investigate what your potential problem areas are and offer you solutions to keep your system in good working order. 

Need to replace or add and air conditioner?  Our experienced sales team can help. We are proud of their non-pushy approach.

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