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Heat Pump Myths Debunked

Cold weather is here, and your heating system is being put to good use. If your system is not up for the task of keeping you comfortable this year, a new ducted heat pump system is a great replacement option. However, there are several misconceptions about these systems out there. We’re here to debunk them.

Myth #1: Gas furnaces provide higher level of comfort.
Gas furnaces are great machines that offer higher temperature air from the heat vents. However, ducted heat pumps close the gap and can offer a better, well-rounded heating solution that works with your existing gas furnace. They can help with energy efficiency, too! They can help save you significant money on your utility bill.

Myth #2: Gas furnaces are more efficient.
During mild winters, like we are having in the Pacific Northwest so far this year, a ducted heat pump is a very efficient option. Heat pumps also allow for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, too! So, you can save money even in the summer months, when you don’t have to rely on bulky, energy inefficient window air conditioner units.

Myth #3: Ducted heat pumps can’t keep up with cold winters.
Even on the coldest of winter days, a ducted heat pump can keep you and your family warm. The newest technology in these systems, including the Carrier Infinity® heat pumps with Greenspeed® intelligence can effectively keep homes evenly and reliably heated. So, it doesn’t matter if the temperatures drop well below freezing — you’ll be comfortable!

Myth #4: Heat pumps only heat.
Like we mentioned above, heat pumps offer both heating and cooling capability! One system can provide year-round comfort with just a touch of a button.

Myth #5: Heat pumps are loud.
Early models of the heat pump were noisy. But with today’s new and improved technology, you can hardly hear them. We offer a variety of Carrier® variable-speed systems that have sound ratings as low as 55 decibels.

Not sure if a ducted heat pump is the right option for your home? We know there are a lot of options out there! Our qualified and experienced team at Specialty Heating & Cooling can help. Contact us today for information on how a ducted heat pump could provide you the comfort and energy efficiency you need in your home.


Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Air Conditioning During Winter

The new year has officially started, and we are surprisingly experiencing warmer temperatures than in years past.  We have customers that are already thinking about spring and summer weather and getting their air conditioners installed and ready to go. Here are some top reasons to upgrade your air conditioning during the winter months.

#1: You can choose a time that’s convenient for you to have it installed.
If you have ever needed to make an appointment for air conditioning repairs or installations during the peak of the summer heat, you know that it may take a little patience to get on the books! In the winter, however, our team of technicians have more flexibility in their air conditioning installations. We are happy to work with your schedule to find a time that is convenient for you. If your air conditioner had to undergo several repairs in the last year or two, it is likely a sign that the system is in its last days. Replacing it now means you won’t need to worry about an unexpected breakdown when you need it most.

#2: You can do your research and ask questions.
We understand that installing a new heating or cooling system is a big investment for your home. It requires researching and asking questions about which system is right for your home’s layout and your budget. If your system has not been replaced in a decade or more, the technology is likely out of date and it simply is not as energy efficient as it could be. If you upgrade now, you can take the time you need to talk to our experts at Specialty Heating & Cooling so you can be sure you understand your options completely. We will talk to you about what energy efficient updates have been made to new systems in the last several years, what smart thermostat options are out there now, and will offer options that fit within your price range. Replacing your AC system now rather than when you are forced to, gives you more opportunity to relax and do your research rather than having to make a decision when you’re pressed for time.

Your AC system is key to stay comfortable once the summer weather hits, but you certainly don’t have to wait until the summer to start thinking about adding or replacing your air conditioner. Our team has been helping customers find the right heating and cooling systems, in both the residential and commercial sectors for the last three decades. We’re standing by to talk to you about what options could work for you, so contact us today!

Why heat your home with a heat pump?


Weather in Oregon changes greatly from season to season and we’re used to rain and colder weather during the fall and winter months and we get accustomed to cranking up the heat if we need it. When summer rolls around, it’s time to bring out the air conditioning unit to stay cool. If you’re tired of using separate systems to heat and cool your home and you’re looking for one system that can provide the comfort you need while also saving energy, a heat pump is a great answer. Here’s why you should get your home set up with a heat pump this autumn.

  1. Comfort
    Heat pumps provide clean air and consistent temperatures no matter what season it is. You are given the control of what temperature is most comfortable for your home. Heat pumps are built with longer run times at lower speeds which can increase dehumidification capability and offer even temperatures inside.
  2. Efficiency
    Heat pumps take the heat from the outside air to warm your home and then efficiently cools your home by taking the heat out of your house. If you’re used to heating your home with other heat sources that are less efficient and expensive like oil or electric, you will see a big price drop in your heating bill after installing a heat pump. Heat pumps are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool your home because of how efficiently they utilize electricity.
  3. Noise
    Are you tired of being woken up to a rattling, outdated HVAC system? Say goodbye to those days with a heat pump. They’re so quiet that you can hardly hear them! Many heat pumps are made to operate at lower capacities so the sound levels are kept extremely low.
  4. Rebates and Incentives
    Since, heat pumps are very efficient there are a variety of rebates and incentives available to customers throughout the year. In fact, customers have the opportunity to save up to $3825 on a new heating and cooling system with a heat pump.  By combining state and federal tax credits, Carrier cool cash, and local utility rebates customers can save up to $3,825!
  5. Dual fuel with hybrid system
    A hybrid system combines a heat pump with a gas furnace and is used to heat your home when the weather is mild. When the weather turns very cold, the heat pump will shut off and the furnace alone will heat the home. These machines run in tandem with each other and this is a more efficient option.



Here are two great heat pump options:

18vs heat pump
This is an efficient heat pump that stands out above the rest. It features variable-speed compression that can change to as many as 5 stages. The ability to run at lower speeds means that it will be quieter and better at removing humidity from the air. It also keeps temperatures even, which allows users to get the most out of the unit’s efficiency levels. It’s also smaller and lighter than other 2-stage units and works with communicating thermostats. It’s durable and comes with a 10 year limited warranty, so homeowners can rely on it for years to come.

Infinity 20
This whisper-quiet heat pump features Greenspeed Intelligence and comes with the highest rating for efficiency.  The variable-speed compressor allows it to adapt to the unique needs of the home and can adjust between 40 and 100% capacity.

Contact us today at 503-946-6396 and let us talk to you about what options there are for your home’s layout and most importantly, your budget. Our experienced and professional sales team can help you decide which one will work for you and get you ready to experience ultimate comfort in your home in the coming cooler months.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays! The countdown to Christmas day is here! For many families around the Pacific Northwest, that means a lot of holiday parties, baking, festive home decorations, and many errands in the rainy weather trying to find the perfect gifts.   The Christmas season is full of memories and traditions! It’s definitely a very busy time of year for many people and it can often be easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday: giving! Whether you’re giving to friends, loved ones, people that you work with, or people in the community that you don’t know, it’s important to keep the spirit of giving as one of the main parts of the season.

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Tax Credits, Discounts & Rebates!

tax rebates, credits
Tax credits, discounts & rebates! Everyone enjoys the feeling of saving money with discounts and tax credits, especially when it comes to larger purchases for your home. We are dedicated to helping you stay within your budget and saving you money while still providing the quality products and outstanding service you expect. This year, we have a variety of discounts, incentives, and tax credits available for customers. Read below for what specials are being offered!

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New Year, New Furnace


Happy New Year! Have you made some resolutions this year? If saving money is on your list of things to do this year, we can help! And if you’re in need of a new heating or cooling system, we have a variety of options and have heating & cooling systems that fit all budgets. The best part: there are rebates and incentives for 2015 that can help offset the cost and save you money in the long run. Some of our featured products include:
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