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Our Featured Heat Pump – The Carrier Infinity I8VS

Think about the advanced technologies available today: televisions that automatically lower sound to a consistent level, clothes dryers that run according to detected moisture levels, and car engines that can activate and de-activate cylinders to save on fuel. It’s the variability that makes them more efficient, more useful and more valuable. That’s the idea behind Carrier® Variable-Speed Technology: applying key technologies to provide exceptional comfort while using less energy.

Family enjoying home comfort of Carrier 18VS Heat Pump

Carrier® Variable-Speed Technology embodies a new level of product performance. The Infinity 18VS, using a sophisticated internal control, paired with the Infinity Touch Control, and an Infinity gas furnace or fan coil, senses indoor and outdoor conditions and adjusts comfort levels accordingly. It produces efficiency ratings up to 18 SEER and up to 11 HSPF, but at a price point closer to two-stage heat pumps.

At the heart of Variable-Speed Technology is the compressor and inverter. While the Infinity® 20 heat pump uses adaptable-speed technology to adjust compressor speed between 40 and 100%, the 18VS can vary its compressor speed by continuously monitoring conditions and selecting one of five operating stages for optimal comfort and efficiency — far beyond the range of typical two-stage heat pumps.

The Infinity® 18VS delivers strong heating performance at typical heat pump operating temperatures. With up to an outstanding 11 HSPF rating and HYBRID HEAT® capability, it can still heat efficiently before switching on an auxiliary heat source when the thermometer dips. This makes it an attractive option in a wide range of geographic regions.

  • Vari-efficient: Inverter-driven rotary compressor is capable of operating at five different stages for efficiency ratings:
    • Up to 11 HSPF
    • Up to 18 SEER
  • Vari-Small: Up to 58% smaller in overall size and significantly lighter than the Infinity 16 two-stage heat pumps of similar capacity.
  • Vari-Comfortable: Longer run times at lower speeds increase dehumidification capability and provide for more even cooling and better overall indoor comfort—it just feels cooler even at higher temperatures.
  • Vari-Quiet: Variable-Speed Technology enables the Infinity 18VS heat pump to operate at lower capacity the majority of the time, resulting in sound levels as low as 55 dBA.

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Infinity® 18VS Variable Speed Heat Pump Model: 25VNA8
Energy Efficiency

  • Up to 18 SEER / Up to 12.5 EER / Up to 11 HSPF
  • Microtube Technology™ refrigeration system


  • Sound level as low as 55 dBA in low speed (Silencer System II)
  • Soft start and smooth ramp to operating speeds


  • Variable speed compressor operates at 5 stages with capacity range from as wide as 25 – 100%
  • Air cooled Inverter variable speed drive
    • System requires Infinity Touch Control with version 11 software or newer
    • Ratings provided with 2-stage thermostats and suitable non-communicating indoor products for 2-stage operation.


  • Puron® refrigerant – environmentally sound, won’t deplete the ozone layer and low lifetime service cost
  • Front-seating service valves
  • Inverter control drives compressor and fan motor
  • No control module attached to fan motor
  • Infinity intelligence monitors critical system parameters
  • Pressure equalizer valve for easy compressor starting
  • High pressure switch
  • Suction pressure transducer
  • Electronic expansion valve (EXV) for heating, TXV for cooling
  • Compressor discharge temperature sensor
  • Suction temperature sensor
  • Filter drier (field installed)
  • Internal crankcase heater standard

Flexibility and Installation

  • 2 control wires to outdoor unit in complete Infinity system and Touch Control
  • Smaller and lighter than 2-stage units
  • Minimum and Maximum adjustments with Infinity Touch Control
  • Hybrid Heat™ dual fuel capable
  • Compatible with non-communicating thermostats


  • WeatherArmor Ultra™ protection package
  • Solid, durable sheet metal construction
  • Steel louver coil guard
  • Baked-on, complete outer coverage, powder paint


  • Line sets up to 100 ft (30.5 m) equivalent length
  • No long-line accessories required

EFFICIENCY Infinity 20 Infinity 18 Infinity 16 Perform. 14
SEER Up to 20 Up to 18 Up to 17 Up to 14
HSPF Up to 13 Up to 11 Up to 9.75 Up to 8.2
EER Up to 16 Up to 12.5 Up to 13.3 Up to 12.2
Hybrid Heat compatible Check Check Check Check
ENERGY STAR® sizes available Check Check Check Check
Tax Credit sizes available Check Check Check
COMFORT Infinity 20 Infinity 18 Infinity 16 Perform. 14
Cold weather performance Optimal Best Check Check
Summer dehumidification Optimal Optimal Enhanced Check
Sound level 1 (as low as) 58 dB 55 dB 69 dB 66 dB
External silencer muffler Check
Silencer System II Check Check Check
Compressor sound blanket Check Check Check Check
INNOVATION Infinity 20 Infinity 18 Infinity 16 Perform. 14
Greenspeed intelligence Check
Compressor type variable speed variable speed 2-stage scroll 1-stage scroll
Infinity Control ready Check Check Check
Diagnostic intelligence Check Check Check
Ideal Defrost (requiresInfinity Control) Check Check Check


PEACE OF MIND Infinity 20 Infinity 18 Infinity 16 Perform. 14
10-yr Parts Limited Warranty Check Check Check Check
Optional Labor WarrantiesAvailable Check Check Check Check
Ozone-friendly Puron refrigerant Check Check Check Check
WeatherArmor™ protection Check Check Check Check