Home Improvement Ideas for Fall

Fall has officially arrived and the weather will soon be getting cooler and cooler. Now is a great time to complete those home improvement projects around your home that may have been piling up. Before the winter weather sets in, start tackling your project list and don’t neglect taking care of your heating and cooling system, either. Our home improvement ideas for fall include many helpful items for your HVAC system.

#1: Replace your air filters.
This is a simple, but very important task related to home maintenance. Your indoor air quality is important and if your air filters haven’t been changed in a while, it’s likely not only making your HVAC system work harder, but it could be allowing in contaminated air into your home. Pollutants, bacteria, and other harmful airborne particles enter the air through your HVAC system and your air filters play an important role in filtering out the junk. A clean air filter will help block harmful air contaminants and keep the air you breathe clean. Change your air filters every one to two months. It you’re looking to take your air purification to a new level, consider adding an air purification system. We carry a variety of air purifiers that can kill up to 99% of harmful irritants that can circulate through the home.

#2: Upgrade your thermostat.
Your thermostat is a big part of the overall functioning of your HVAC system and if you choose to upgrade your thermostat, you’ll see some great benefits! One of the first benefits of a new thermostat is the ability for it to keep the temperature in your home accurate at all times. If your home is full of cold spots or rooms that are warmer or colder than other areas of the house, a new thermostat can help with that. Thermostats with digital displays and wi-fi control give you the control, so you can keep your home comfortable year-round. In addition, they’re energy efficient and could save you money on utility bills over the long run.

#3: Replace your system in time for fall and winter months.
If your furnace system is old and inefficient, or it’s been repaired more times than you can count, it’s probably a good idea to consider replacing it before the cold weather starts up. We can help you find a system that works well for your space as well as your budget. We carry a wide variety of gas furnaces, heat pumps, ductless systems, and more. No matter what your commercial or residential space requires, we can find one that’s right for you. A new system is an investment that is well worth it – it can bolster your quality of life and help add value to your property.

Our schedule for autumn is filling up fast, so call us today for an appointment so you can stay on top of your home improvement list!

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