How Can Laundry Pro Change Your Life?

Laundry: sometimes it seems like it’s never ending. There are more and more dirty clothes piling up and your washer & dryer are being put to the test day in and day out. What if we told you that there’s now a product that can revolutionize your laundry by eliminating the need for detergent? Not only that, but because of the ActivePure Technology that has been certified by the Space Foundation, Laundry Pro can lift old detergents out of fibers and restore their original beauty. We are proud to carry this new product for your home.

How it works:
Oxygen, peroxides, and other gasses bubble into the clothing and lift away dirt and odors, which means your clothes will be cleaner and softer. These molecules are passed through purification units then through the ActivePure honeycomb matrix, where they are transformed into powerful oxidizers. Once they’re released into the air again, they can effectively eliminate fungi, mold, bacteria that causes odors, as well as other contaminants that can be found in hard to reach places. The product is easy to install, connecting easily to the existing washing machine in your home with standard hoses and no additional plumbing or changes needed. Watch this video for more about the benefits of Laundry Pro:

The benefits of Laundry Pro:
For people with sensitive skin, Laundry Pro can help eliminate any itching and redness caused by allergies to detergents that are left to build up in the clothing.  The product is earth friendly because it uses only cold water and there are no detergent or bleach bottles to throw away.

If you’re looking for a way to protect the planet, transform the way you do laundry, and live a healthier lifestyle, with a simple addition of this machine, contact our team today! We’re happy to take a look at your existing system and provide a quote on what it would take to get the Laundry Pro installed in your home soon.

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