Humidity Vs. Heat


A lot of people in the Pacific Northwest lately have been talking about the incredible amount of humidity we have had these last few weeks. This summer has definitely been a humid summer compared to what Oregonians are generally accustomed to! Humidity is the enemy of comfort – it makes you feel hot and sweaty and in general, can make you feel lethargic and uncomfortable.

Which type of air conditioner should you choose?
With the right air conditioner, you can start feeling cozy again! The right air conditioner removes the moisture from your home making it cooler and more comfortable. Not sure which one to get? First of all, bigger is not always better! Surprisingly enough, bigger air conditioners can be less efficient, simple because they short cycle, turning off and on and not tackling the problem right the first time. The best air conditioners for our Pacific Northwest climate are 2-stage models.

They can operate on a mild day with high humidity on the first stage without short cycling. This means, they can remove the required amount of moisture and your home or office will feel a lot better. A single-stage unit sized for extreme temperatures may short cycle and cause the home to feel humid or sticky. This is exactly what you don’t want! On the other hand, a 2-stage unit can go to 2nd stage or full capacity for the extreme temperature days and still run long enough to dehumidify.

So, to get the best comfort in this humid climate, whether it’s on a warm day, hot day, or a cool but humid day, a 2 stage air conditioner rules the day! Give us a call today to talk about your options.

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