Why Choose Carrier

Carrier Brand

The world’s leading brand of heating and cooling systems.
Trusted in more homes than any other brand.
Carrier invented modern air conditioning.

Infinity System

Controls temperature and humidity in your home all day, all night, all year.1
User-friendly control designed for instruction-free operation.
Vacation button provides energy savings while away and guarantees a comfortable home upon return.
All season temperature, humidity and indoor air quality control maximizes comfort and system performance.1
Capture and kill more airborne germs and allergens with the Infinity® Air Purifier by Carrier.
1 Infinity® System must include humidifier.

Infinity 21 Air Conditioner

Infinity 21 Air Conditioner with Puron Refrigerant

Carrier portland oregon best buy

  • Among the most energy efficient air conditioners.
  • Carrier air conditioners can save you up to 56%* on your cooling costs. Always use the following note with the above claim:
    • *As compared to a Carrier 10 SEER air conditioner and fan coil with a psc blower motor.

Infinity Ideal Comfort System

The Infinity® Ideal Comfort™ System furnace provides up to 3.5 times tighter temperature control than most standard furnaces.
With the Infinity® Ideal Comfort™ System consumers can save up to $345 a year in energy costs versus previous Carrier models.
The Infinity® Ideal Comfort™ System furnace requires no special training or procedures to install.
The Infinity® Ideal Comfort™ System furnace is as easy to install as any Infinity furnace in the Carrier line.

Infinity 96 Gas Furnace

Our most energy efficient gas furnace.
Carrier’s gas furnaces can save you up to 33%* on your heating costs. Always use the following note with the above claim: *Heating cost savings as compared to a previous Carrier model gas furnace.

Infinity & Performance Series ACs

Infinity & Performance Series Air Conditioners with Puron Refridgerant

The first residential systems with an environmentally sound refrigerant.
Complies with the U.S. Clean Air Act.
May save you money on potential service costs in the future, as the current refrigerant is being phased out by government regulation.
Environmentally sound, non-ozone depleting.

Infinity 19 Heat Pumps

Carrier heat pumps can save you up to 40%* on your heating and cooling costs. Always use the following note with the above claim: *Heating and cooling costs as compared to a previous model.

Small Packaged Products

The first small packaged product lines in the U.S. containing environmentally sound refrigerant.
Carrier’s small packaged products with Comfort Heat™ Technology have the first rustproof base technology in the industry.

Puron Refridgerant

Environmentally sound.
Puron® refrigerant units help offset potentially rising service costs.
Puron® refrigerant is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Puron® refrigerant won’t harm the ozone layer/is non-ozone depleting (select one).
Puron® refrigerant is the refrigerant of the future.
R-22, the refrigerant that many air conditioners use, is being phased out of production by government regulation.
Carrier has more 2010-ready systems than any other manufacturer.
Carrier pioneered the use of R-410A as a chlorine-free refrigerant and the industry has followed Carrier’s lead.
R-410A is approved by the EPA.

HYBRID HEAT Dual Fuel System

The HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system is so energy efficient, the cost to heat with it is less than with any gas furnace alone, even a 100% AFUE furnace.

Controls/Programmable Thermostats

The EPA/DOE’s estimates that ENERGY STAR-labeled programmable thermostats, when used in accordance with Energy Star guidelines, can save up to 18% on energy costs.
The Infinity® Control offers unmatched capability for controlling humidity, air quality, ventilation and fan speeds.
The Infinity® Control offers 83 points of diagnostic control.
The Infinity® Control monitors indoor and outdoor environments.
The Infinity® Control makes automatic adjustments that maximize comfort and energy efficiency.
The Infinity® Control reduces troubleshooting and installation times.
The Infinity® Control reports problems accurately and in simple language.
The Infinity® Control has two-way communication capability.


All Comfort™ 92, Performance™ 93 and Infinity® 96 gas furnaces are ENERGY STAR® compliant.