Why is it important to have properly sealed ductwork?

Sometimes, certain rooms in your home don’t warm up as quickly as you need them to, or they always feel drafty and cool. If this is a constant problem in your home, this could indicate that there is a problem with leaky ductwork. Because ductwork is often unseen, many homeowners simply don’t think about it and in turn, take it for granted. But, ductwork is in fact a very vital part to the efficiency and effectiveness of an HVAC system and ducts must be in great working order for your system to properly heat your home during the cold fall and winter months. Over time, ducts can develop cracks or holes and this means that they simply aren’t able to deliver warm air efficiently.

Why is sealed ductwork important?

1. It helps your system perform better.

When leaky ducts are present, air can’t reach the rooms in your home quickly. It has to work harder to reach the proper temperature and that means that your system and its operating components can become worn down quickly and may even fail completely over time and consistent use. In addition, unsealed ductwork can also cost you money. An HVAC system that is working hard to heat or cool a home is using more energy than it should and that means it costs more to run and must run for long periods of time to reach the temperature that you want

2. Improves the quality of air.
Your ductwork usually runs through some of the dirtiest, dustiest parts of your home, including the crawlspace. When your ductwork isn’t properly sealed, dirty air particles laden with bacteria, dust, or other harmful debris as well as insulation particles can get through. This means that you are breathing contaminated air that can pose a risk to your overall health and wellbeing.

Properly sealed ductwork can save you significant money per year, sometimes even hundreds of dollars! And with today’s Aeroseal technology your home is sure to have sealed ductwork with no additional leakage. Aeroseal blows microscopic particles of sealant into the ductwork of your home that form impermeable bonds over cracks or holes in the ductwork.

Looking for more ways to cut costs this winter? A recent Consumer Reports article covers additional ways that you can keep your utility bills in check. Don’t settle for breathing poor quality air and don’t pay extra for your utility bills! Click here to find out more information about setting up a repair or routine maintenance appointment for your furnace with us, or let us come check out your ductwork to see if there are leaks. Need to replace or add a new furnace system to your home or office space? Our experienced sales team can help. We are proud of their informative and educational non-push approach.

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