How to know when to change your furnace air filter

You’ve spent money on getting a great HVAC system in place in your home – that’s a great first step. The next step is making sure that you properly maintain it so you can ensure that it has a long life and operates efficiently.  Making sure that you maintain the system well means that you keep yourself as well as everyone else in the home comfortable from extreme temperatures. And even better – it can even help save you money in the long run!

Why should you change your air filters:
If you don’t regularly clean and change your air filters, your system works harder and becomes less efficient. The air flow slows down and it takes longer for your system to heat your home. This means that you’re wasting energy and you’ll likely see an increase in energy bills.
In addition, air filters keep debris, dust, and pollution out of your HVAC system and in the end, ensures that none of that stuff gets into your air at home. Indoor air quality is very important. Check out our variety of exceptional air purifiers that can capture and kill airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. That translates to a healthier, happier home.  

How do you know when it needs to be changed?
Generally, you should change your filters every one to two months. The simple rule of thumb is: change your filters when they get dirty. Or, if you are noticing a musty smell coming out of the system, it means your filter should be replaced. In addition, if you suffer from allergies, it may be beneficial for you to change the filter even more often, especially if you have pets in your home that shed often. Dirty, clogged filters can cause very weak HVAC performance.

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