Merry Christmas To You!

The countdown to Christmas day has formally begun! For many families, this time of year means lots of baking and cookie decorating parties, a lot of running around town to find the perfect gifts, and decorating your home in a festive way. The Christmas season is full of memories and traditions! It is also a very busy time of year for many people and it can often be easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday: giving! Whether you’re giving to friends, co-workers, family members or to strangers in your community, it is important to keep the spirit of giving alive.

This holiday season it’s easy to take for granted your warm, cozy home. Maybe you recently invested in a new heating system for your home or office and you are enjoying the benefits of that. This season, remember all of those that are without a warm place to call home or a comforting meal to eat around a table with loved ones. Is there a way that you could give back to your local community or someone in need? Here are Specialty, we collect food and make a donation to a local charity during the holiday season. We encourage our employees to attend our company party and bring canned foods so we can make a great donation to people in need. Next time you’re at the grocery store grabbing food for dinner, buy some extra cans of food and consider how you can help fill someone else’s pantry, too. Local food banks always receive more requests for assistance during the holidays because many families just can’t afford to eat well.

Or, if you’d rather do something more hands-on to help keep others warm in the area, buy or make a few blankets and hand them out to people that you see on the street. There are also several local non-profit agencies around town that help young families with clothing and other materials that they need. Reaching out and serving others during the holidays is a great way to the spread love and cheer that should be part of Christmas!

From our team at Specialty to your family, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

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