The History of Modern Air Conditioning


During the warm summer months, it’s easy to just click on your air conditioner without thinking about all of the work and innovation that went into the creation of the machine. For this post, you’ll learn a bit of history about how modern air conditioning started.

Who was the inventor of modern air conditioning?
Willis Carrier was born to be an inventor. From a very young age, he learned the value of problem solving and in 1901 he earned an engineering degree from Cornell University. In 1902, he stood on a foggy train platform in Pittsburg and realized that he could dry the air by passing it through water – this created the fog. If he did this, then there would be a way to manufacture air with specific amounts of moisture and in just a year he had invented a way to control the humidity in the air. This is the fundamental building block for how air conditioning operates today. Soon, Willis Carrier was nicknamed “The Father of Air Conditioning.” His invention allowed other industries to flourish and create a strong economy. The baking industry began to thrive, the creation of wartime supplies succeeded, and even movie theaters became successful as people came into cool theaters to watch movies and escape the outside heat. His invention was the launching point for thousands of other products and inventions to make their way into the world with success.

Today, Willis Carrier’s legacy continues on in the company name. It is now a world leader in the creation and manufacturing of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for individuals and companies across the world. The company is built on innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainable operations.

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