National Air Conditioner Day

Every July, we recognize Willis Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning! His invention was one of the most life-changing things to happen to the world and without him, the world simply wouldn’t be as cool as it is today – especially during the warm summer months!

More about Willis Carrier:
He was an inventor that had ideas stirring in his mind from a young age. He received an engineering degree from Cornell University and after he graduated, he was standing on a foggy platform waiting for a train when he had a revelation: dry air passing through water created fog and if he could replicate this by manufacturing air with certain amounts of moisture, he could essentially control the humidity in the air. This was the building block of how modern air conditioners work today. Carrier began work on his invention and soon, he was nicknamed “The Father of Air Conditioning.” Without his successful product, he was able to help other industries to thrive. Movie theaters became air conditioned, bakeries and restaurants were able to keep spaces cool, and soon, the air conditioner was the launching point for thousands of other products and inventions.

Today, Carrier’s legacy is continued through the company’s name and continued focus on invention and innovation. Carrier’s company has become a world leader in developing heating and air conditioning as well as refrigeration. So, in honor of the phenomenon of air conditioning and all that it means to industries of all kinds, we celebrate July 17 annually as National Air Conditioning Day.

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