National Heat Awareness Day Is May 27

Summer is coming. It’s a beautiful time in the Pacific Northwest, when the weather warms up and people find themselves spending more and more time outdoors. Did you know that heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States every year?

Every year on the last Friday in May, National Heat Awareness Day is observed. This is day to remind people that taking care of themselves during the heat of summer is very important. This year’s day of observation is May 27.

When it’s extremely hot and/or humid out, the National Weather Service will issue one of these advisories:

-Excessive heat outlooks
-Excessive heat watches
-Excessive heat warning/advisories

When temperatures rise, you will hear that people should take precaution in the heat by avoiding alcohol, reducing their intake of caffeine and sugar, avoid over exerting themselves, find a cold place to cool off, and increase their intake of water. Here are some other ways to avoid heat-related health issues.

-Keep fans and air conditioning in use as often as possible
-Wear loose clothing that is light in color
-Wear a hat and sunblock
-Stay in the shade as much as possible
-Talk to your doctor about any medications you’re taking that may cause you to be more prone to heat-induced illness

For babies or the elderly, special precaution needs to be made, because their bodies simply do not adjust to temperature fluctuations as well as others.

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