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HVAC-man2-REDUCED-000008948448XSmallWhere are all the workers?
A message from Norm Matheis, Specialty Heating & Cooling’s President

Did you know that there are currently thousands of jobs in all of the construction and home automation industries, but not enough job seekers? Specialty Heating runs ads 365 days a year for 3 to 5 different labor positions and we advertise in Oregon and surrounding states. Yet, we usually just receive one resume per week! And every contractor I have spoken with is experiencing the same situation! Ten years ago, analysts predicted that we would experience a lack of skilled workers, as well as entry-level employees in the labor industry. And lo and behold, they were right!

What happened?
One of the largest factors (that even skilled analysts couldn’t have predicted) was the recession. During this time, many people that were both skilled and experienced in the labor industry, had to leave their jobs. Maybe they were laid off, or they decided to retire early. Either way, they won’t be returning and this left the industry with less qualified employees. In addition to this, there haven’t been a lot of new apprentices entering the workforce. First, there were no jobs to offer them, and now that work has picked up, there are few skilled journeymen to train them in the field.

Who’s qualified?
Are you a veteran? If so, you have specific priority when it comes to hiring for jobs in specific trades. We rarely have veterans applying for positions with our company and we encourage veteran applicants to send their information along to us!

Are you a high school student and are you good with working with your hands? If you’re not sure if college is right for you or if you’re not sure what career path to follow, industries such as heating & cooling, plumbing, electrical, home security, and more are great options that have plenty of career opportunities available.  Mechanical things will always need to be repaired and replaced and we need skilled workers in order to accomplish this.  

If you have experience in the labor industry or if you’re willing to start in an entry-level position and learn the ins and outs of the heating and cooling industry, now is the time to start. In the past four decades the housing boom in almost every state has created steady workflow for people in the home services industry. It doesn’t stop now, either. Home owners will always need service companies to maximize comfort in their homes.

What can you do?
If you’re young and just starting out in the workforce, attend job fairs near graduation and take advantage of the growing needs of the home services industries. Check out our job listings and send us your resume. We’re happy to look it over and see if you could be a potential match for our growing company. America needs to begin rebuilding its skilled labor force and Specialty Heating and Cooling is ready to help with that!

If you would like to apply for a job now or would like more information about the positions available, you can use the form below. You can see what positions are available in the dropdown next to “Position you would like to apply for”. If you have a resume in Microsoft Word (doc, docx), Adobe Acrobat (pdf) or Text(txt) format, you can attach it by clicking the “Browse” button and then browsing to where your resume is located on your hard drive.

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