Reasons Why You Should Install a Ductless System This Summer

The official first day of summer is on June 21. Is your cooling system up for the task of keeping you comfortable this year?  If you’ve been wondering if 2018 is the year to get a new ductless system installed, it’s time to act! There will be plenty of warm summer days ahead and getting your new system up and running soon is important. A new ductless system will keep you cool this summer and warm in the winter – with just one machine!

Ductless systems are an amazing affordable solution for homes that lack the ductwork that many traditional heating and cooling units use. They can be installed in various places, such as ADUs, tiny homes, remodeled houses, manufactured homes, historic homes, and new construction homes!  For homes that use electric or oil heat, replacing with a ductless system can save significant money.

How does a ductless system work and what are the benefits?
Ductless heat pumps use innovative technology that release cool and warm air efficiently! An outdoor unit connects to a bundle of cables as well as a refrigerant line, which is kept at the ground level of your home. This outside unit connects to the indoor unit, which is mounted to one machine head, or multiple heads, which are installed at central locations in the home to provide even heating and cooling. Each head has a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperature as needed, based off of whatever makes you most comfortable.

Ductless systems are very energy efficient, which makes it a great solution for people looking to save energy and reduce their utility bill. They do not use excess electricity and you don’t need to worry about hauling in big, heavy window air conditioners every summer when the weather heats up. Another benefit is the incredible quiet that these systems provide. Most homeowners hardly recognize that their machine is running. In addition, for individuals with illness, or those living with asthma or allergies, ductless systems include air purification systems inside that can help clean the air and reduce exposure to pollen, dust, dander, or germs!

Is a ductless system right for me?
A ductless system offers comfort at the touch of a button. All year long, you will stay cool or warm, with one system. No matter how hot the summer is this year in the Pacific Northwest, you can rely on your system keeping you cool. Not sure if a ductless system is right for you? Our knowledgeable team at Specialty Heating & Cooling can provide options on which ductless system is right for your budget and your home’s unique layout. Contact us today for more information!

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