Recent Commercial Project: Oregon City Brewing

Love craft beer? Oregon is famous for the incredible breweries around the area and it seems like everywhere you turn, there is a new brewery to try out. Each one is unique and produces one-of-a-kind beer. Oregon City Brewing Company is one of these great Oregon breweries and now, customers can enjoy the Tap Room in comfort. Our installation team was recently over there expending Heat Pumps to keep the cool air inside during the hot summer months and the warm air inside during the winter. We installed 2 ductless heat pumps that were 2 tons each. Their existing systems would not keep up when the weather was warm and they would have lost business during the peak summer tasting season. By adding these outstanding new units, they will be able to accommodate large crowds in hot weather and keep the beer flowing for customers from all over Oregon!

Here are some recent pictures of the completed job:

Do you have a commercial business, office space, restaurant, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that could benefit from a ductless heat pump? Ductless heat pumps are incredibly efficient and do the job of both heating and cooling throughout the year. You will not only feel more comfortable, but your utility costs will go down by using a new, energy efficient system.

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Here are the pictures of the completed job!

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