Save Money Now: Geothermal Heat Pump Upgrade

A Geothermal Heat Pump Success Story

Recently, some long-time clients of Specialty Heating and Cooling (we’ll call them the ‘Jones’ family) recently responded to a promotional letter offering a special discount on our geothermal heat pump Precision Tune-Up.  During the course of events, we found that upgrading their current geothermal heat pump system offered some tremendous benefits that were simply too good to pass up.  Here’s their scenario. If yours is similar, it’s possible you too can take advantage of all the tax credits, rebates, enhanced energy savings and increased comfort that an updated geothermal heat pump system can offer!

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Now wait a minute, something must be wrong here!  It looks like the Jones are going to be able to completely update their geothermal heating & cooling system with a more efficient way of heating domestic hot water, enhanced air filtration, a whole home humidifier (don’t underestimate these!) and the most comprehensive warranty in the industry for the same investment amount as what they paid in 1992!!!!

Like I said, this is a success story worth sharing.  Please give me a call if you’d like to schedule a complimentary visit to review your geothermal system and see how you too can enjoy the enhanced comfort benefits and energy savings of an updated geothermal heat pump system.



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