SHC Cares Quarter Winner Feature: Jennifer Barber

This year, we launched a new campaign called SHCCares. This is our community outreach campaign that encourages our employees at Specialty Heating and Cooling to give back through volunteering. We also work with our employees to provide opportunities to give back to people in our local communities, like our recent “Stuff the Van” initiative. Each quarter employees send in their hours and we do a drawing for a winner. Our first winner is Jennifer Barber, who has worked for us for a little over two years as a bookkeeper.

Jennifer has a long history of volunteerism and is passionate about giving back to the community around her. Some of her current volunteer positions include serving as the Treasurer for the Scott Mills Community Center Association. There, she takes care of the banking, files legal documents such as taxes and Secretary of State filings and the Department of Justice filings.  She also purchases supplies for the building, reviews and pays bills related to building maintenance and activity expenses, and helps prepare special events like the Easter Egg Hunt (which is one of her most memorable and favorite events), the pumpkin carving party for Halloween, and more.  Another thing she has participated in is handing out Christmas food boxes for people in need. Jennifer also has experience working for the Scott Mills Grange #938 where she worked as an interim rental agent, interim facilities agent, and interim communications agent.

When asked why it was important for her to spend time volunteering, Jennifer responded that it’s been something that was instilled in her from a young age. She says, “I grew up with a strong sense of volunteering – even in those younger years when it wasn’t so much volunteering as being told by my mom that I would help. I grew up in this very small community and my mother was always helping everyone and any group that asked or would accept her help. She used to always say that we have to help each other because if we don’t, no one else will. I guess I just don’t know any different. My parents were also some of the founding members of the Scotts Mills Community Center and it means a lot to me to keep the Community Center thriving.”

Jennifer’s advice to people that are thinking about volunteering is to dive in and get involved, because it can truly enrich your life. She shares, “It has become a way of life and a great way to get to know my neighbors and community members as well as be informed about what is going on in my community.”

To learn more about our SHCCares program, visit our website here.


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