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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summertime brings lots of home maintenance tasks. The weather is nice, and homeowners are out and about working on their home getting caught up on things that were left undone during the cooler spring and winter months. When you are working through your maintenance checklist, don’t neglect your heating and cooling system. Here are some important must-dos.

#1:  Schedule your preventative maintenance appointment.
When was the last time you’ve had a professional come and look in depth at your heating and cooling system? Preventative maintenance appointments are critical to maintaining the system and enhancing the life of it. You should have a once yearly preventative maintenance appointment scheduled and summertime is a great time to do this. Our team of experienced technicians will look at your system and ensure it is running at peak efficiency. We will also point t

#2: Change your air filters.
Dirty air filters translates to poor indoor air quality and dirty air. The air you breathe matters greatly, so make sure you change or clean your air filters every 1 to 2 months. This ensures the air circulated through your home is clean. In addition, clean air filters help prolong the life of your system and can prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

#3: Seal your windows and doors.
When was the last time you have checked the seal around your windows and doors? Poor sealing can mean leaked air and wasted energy. Keep cool air-conditioned air inside where it belongs.

#4: Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans.
Ensure that your ceiling fans are rotating counterclockwise. This pushes the air down so your home stays cool.

While the summer season is full of longer days, trips, and outside adventures, it’s important to take some time to stay on top of your heating and cooling system’s maintenance. Maybe your system has seen better days and it is simply outdated and not energy efficient. Our experienced team at Specialty Heating & Cooling can help you get the right system picked out that works well with your home’s layout and most importantly, your budget. Contact us today!

Types of Furnace Filters


Home improvement and home maintenance on your home is something that should be a high priority on your list. Replacing your air filters/furnace filters on a regular basis is something that should be done in order to maintain clean air and reduce indoor allergens, but it’s easily neglected by many homeowners. Did you know that finding the right furnace filter for your HVAC system will not only save you money, but it will improve indoor air quality in your home? Originally, filters were built to protect the inside portion of the furnace, but now filters are much more than that – they will also stop harmful particles from circulating back into the air that you breathe. Whether it is for industrial or residential use, here are the most basic furnace filter options:

  1. Disposable fiberglass:
    These are usually the most common filter and they don’t do much more than stop large particles of lint, debris, or dust from clogging your system. Unfortunately, these filters are not good for cleaning the air itself. They’re inexpensive and are not good for those that live with asthma or allergies.
  2. Disposable pleated:
    This is a standard and very popular option that consists of cotton paper or polyester. It’s very affordable and made from environmentally friendly materials, and is effective in removing some small particles like mites and spores. However, these require frequent changing in order to prevent clogging of your HVAC system.
  3. Disposable electrostatic:
    These are developed with self-charging electrostatic cotton or paper fibers that are able to capture small particles that can be potentially harmful. They are affordably priced, but can get pricier if you need a custom size. They are great for homes with smokers or pets.
  4. Permanent electrostatic:
    These are also made of self-charging electrostatic fibers and permanent options have removable, machine-washable filters that can be taken out and cleaned, then used for up to eight years.
  5. High-efficiency pleated:
    These are made from pleated 4-5” pleated synthetic cotton and are attached to a firm metal grid that helps stop leaks from occurring. These will filter out the smallest of particles and are exceptional for those that live with respiratory issues or other autoimmune diseases. They are commonly seen in hospitals because of their efficiency, but are costly and may not be available for installation in all systems.

Not sure which one is right for your specific system? Our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling is happy to come take a look at your home or office and evaluate what filters would work best for you. Our experienced team is well-versed in a variety of heating and cooling systems and we’re proud to carry an outstanding line of indoor air quality products from Carrier. With the right filters in place, you’ll have cleaner air and you’ll be ready for a comfortable spring and summer.