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Why Is My AC Not Keeping Up With The Heat?

Many people in our area think that the official start of summer happens after the 4th of July, but as a matter of fact, it started last week on June 21! Now that summer is here, we are going to be experiencing more and more days of heat. Is your air conditioner not keeping up with the heat? Here are some reasons why this could be and what you can do to fix it.

#1: Closed vents.
Did you close vents in some of the areas of your home that are not used as often? Open all the vents up when you run your cooling system. This not only helps airflow circulate better, but it also means your system isn’t working harder than it must. A system that is working harder than necessary will cause extra strain on it and it will also increase your energy bill.

#2: Clogged filters.
This is one of the most common causes of air conditioner breakdowns. Your filter should be cleaned or replaced every 1 to 2 months to ensure debris, dust, and other dander is removed. Clean air filters mean you’re breathing clean air, too!

#3: Outside condenser.
The outside condenser is one of the main things that keeps your air conditioner running. During the spring when yard work is happening and grass clippings are around more often, it’s normal for debris or other dirt to get inside of the casing. Or, grass could be growing around the bottom and could be causing an airflow blockage. Be sure to keep debris cleared far away from the condenser and if you have any tree branches or other leaves that are located near the unit, ensure there is a way to keep them from falling inside.

#4: Poor insulation.
Do you have one area of the home that simply doesn’t feel the same as the rest of the house? You could have an insulation issue, if so. Check to see if your ductwork is insulated properly in those areas or if there is an issue with attic or basement insulation in that spot, too. Poor insulation means you’re not as comfortable, and it could cause for a lot of wasted energy.

Once the heat has arrived, you want your air conditioner to be working at its peak to provide you the cool comfort you deserve. If you have tried to figure out your system’s problem on your own, but nothing is working, we can help! Our experienced technicians at Specialty Heating & Cooling will be able to diagnose the issue and get it fixed so you can enjoy the rest of your summer. Contact us today for information on getting your AC repair or preventative maintenance appointment scheduled, or to talk to us about full system replacements.

3 Benefits of Professional Duct Sealing


If your home relies on a heating or cooling system with duct work, you depend on the air ducts to be efficient and distribute air to your whole home. If your home’s duct sealing is inadequate or there are air duct leaks, you may run into a variety of problems. Your ductwork is hidden from plain sight so many times, homeowners don’t even know there is an issue. This is why having professional duct sealing done in your home is so important, especially if you think you have faulty air ducts.

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Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency For Your Home


Spring time weather can really be up and down. One day it’s sunny and warm, the next day, it’s a mix of rain, downpours, and cold. When the temperature fluctuates so much, it can be a bit of a challenge finding a comfortable temperature to set your heating and cooling system to, as each day will vary. But if you continually change around the temperature settings, it can be a waste of energy and can also be a big hit on your wallet when you get your energy bill each month. Wondering how you can reduce your energy use and conserve energy everywhere else in your home? Here are some simple tips!

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