The Importance of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is incredibly important for the longevity and efficiency of your machine. Maintenance services will ensure that the inside of your commercial building or business is comfortable and free of any pollutants, and will also ensure that your machine is working well and does not need any repairs. It is important to have regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance appointments throughout the year that will help identify any issues that you are having, analyze the equipment and how it’s operating to make sure that it is working at its maximum efficiency.

Benefit #1: Lower operating costs.
Did you know that poorly maintained HVAC systems can use a lot of excess energy and will, therefore, increase your utility bill every month? If you keep your system maintained with periodic checkups, you’ll be able to keep the system running at peak capacity and ultimately, reduce your operating costs significantly.

Benefit #2: Extended life of the equipment.
If you fail to keep your HVAC system maintained, it can negatively impact the lifespan and the durability of the equipment and parts. You may have a greater risk of needing to replace certain parts, as well.  No one wants to have an HVAC system break down, especially when it comes to your business. This can result in a loss of inventory or customers and in turn, mean you have a loss in revenue.

Benefit #3: Peace of mind.
This is one of the top benefits of having routine maintenance appointments. You’ll know that you, your customers, as well as your employees, will be kept comfortable. And not only that, your business budget won’t be negatively affected.

Did you know that Specialty Heating & Cooling employs a Commercial Maintenance Representative who will come out and survey your equipment for FREE? This survey includes personal inspection, photos, and a written report on the current condition of equipment with any needed recommendations. When you work with Specialty Heating & Cooling, you’re working with a company that has decades of experience as a full-service HVAC Contractor. It doesn’t matter when you need us, we’ll be there!  Take one less “to-do” item off your list and let us handle all of your HVAC maintenance needs. Contact us today to get your HVAC maintenance appointment on the schedule.

21 responses on “The Importance of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

  1. Kyle Wayne

    Thanks for sharing this information about air conditioning to help me keep my system running correctly. The points that you made about maintenance benefits that yield a longer system lifespan were especially eye opening. I will be sure to find an AC expert to help me with a check up on my new home.

  2. Tobias Armstrong

    I had no idea that regular maintenance could have such a big effect on cost. I mean, I’ve always been a fan of the idea that it’s easier to repair a small problem now than a big one later, but this is pretty black and white. Where it’s starting to get really warm this summer, I should probably go get my unit looked at. Thanks for the insight!

  3. Gregory Willard

    I had no idea that having regular maintenance can extend the life of the equipment. Now that summer is in full swing, I have been thinking about our AC more. I would love to have our current system lost us as long as we possibly can.

  4. Ryan Stroik

    Not many people realize how much money one can save just by following this advice. Great advice on why maintaining your HVAC unit is so important. The ole “I’ll worry about it once its broke” does not make any sense when dealing with heating and air condition especially in the heat of summer or dead cold of winter.

    Simple A/C repair and maintenance will definitely give you the three benefits above, good reminder for everyone to follow.

  5. Will Smith

    I agree with you that regular maintenance decrease the cause of HVAC system failure. The price of new HVAC system for Commercial building is very high rather than its maintenance fees. So proper maintenance is very important for us in the to save money as well as time. I personally thanking you to discuss these valuable suggestion with us. I read so many articles but one service i want to share with you. I like there article and they also says about regular maintenance because they know the value of your money. They have there website portland hvac company reviews

  6. Alise Harper

    I had no idea that poorly maintained HVAC units will use a lot of unnecessary energy increasing the energy bill. I have an older system that has not been maintenance in a while. I will definitely look into getting mine professionally looked at so that I can preserve energy and save money at the same time. Thanks for the information!

  7. John Gonzalez

    Pretty satisfied with the company we have go out to our plant to check on the hvac units regularly. We really haven’t had problems with those old units but I think its mostly cause of the maintenance they perform at least twice a year. I ain’t got to worry about our unit giving out anytime soon, especially in these 100 degree heats, which in turn will also save us a bunch of money.

  8. Jason Litwin

    What is the old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
    Basically fits perfectly with this scenario. Just like any piece of machinery proper maintenance will save you so much time, headache, and money in the long run.

    Not only are you increasing the life of the machinery, but the operating cost and efficiency will be so much better.

  9. Rockford Johnson

    My parents just had a new HVAC system installed. It was cool to learn that maintaining your HVAC system can give you a lot of peace of mind. I hope that sharing this article with my parents can help to keep their HVAC system working and functioning properly.

  10. Stefan Boyadjiev

    Brooke, great way of explaining why our air conditioner need a regular maintenance . It reminds me of a few years back when I was working in a grocery store. When the main unit stop working in the middle of the summer we didn’t lose food only, we lost a lot of customers too.

  11. Derek Mcdoogle

    You mentioned that if you keep your system maintained with periodic checkups, you’ll be able to keep the system running at peak capacity and ultimately, reduce your operating costs significantly. Are there certain kinds of systems that work better for different types of homes? While my family was visiting my brother’s home we started hearing some weird noises from their HVAC unit. Hiring a professional to come repair their heating unit might be a good option.

  12. Tyler Meredith

    It’s interesting that a poorly maintained HVAC system can actually use more energy causing your bill to go up and up as time goes on. I think this could be especially important in a commercial application as there is a lot more energy being used so the problems with the efficiency are exponential. It’s something to keep in mind as keeping the bill low and avoiding repairs is enough reason for anyone to invest in a bit of maintenance.

  13. Jenna Hunter

    I had no idea that it is important to have regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance appointments throughout the year. We recently moved in five months ago and we are experiencing some difficulties with our air conditioning during the night to stay cool. Tomorrow I will be sure to call an expert so they can help us stay cool during the hot nights!

  14. John Ferrell

    You said that if we don’t maintain our HVAC then its lifespan will be shorter. Maybe I should contact a professional for assistance when I need an inspection. They might be able to give me tips for maintaining the machine, too.


    Thank You so much for sharing this valuable information about the air conditioner, really it helped me out solve my problems. Thank you for telling us that actually what air conditioner means. The uses and causes of the air conditioner. Thank You!


    The blog is very much interesting to read. It showed me the importance of the HVAC and the maientence which is applied for it. Actually i was searching for this kind of blog and i got the correct information in this blog about the air conditioner. Keep Posting!

  17. Dave Anderson

    I agree that regular maintenance is important to do on HVAC machines to make sure that they last as long as possible. Most people wait until they are starting to have issues to contact HVAC contractors. However, if you do this, you run the risk of your system failing and costing a lot of money to repair. If you have a maintenance company check your system regularly, they can find and fix smaller problems to make sure that bigger ones don’t occur.

  18. LNWeaver

    That’s good to know that poorly maintained HVACs consume more energy. I bet that could raise your costs a lot. There are even crane services that can move heavy commercial HVACs when they need to be replaced.

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