It’s time for a Fall furnace tune-up!

We have had an amazing summer here in the Pacific Northwest! Temperatures have been warm, skies have been blue, and you’ve probably had the chance to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors a little bit! Summer in the Northwest is unbeatable, but when autumn begins in the Northwest, it’s arguably one of the most beautiful times of year around here. With the autumn weather, though, comes the cooler weather. Is your furnace ready?

Getting a furnace tune-up is important.
Getting your furnace tuned up every year is vital. Without an annual cleaning or inspection, your system can wear our pretty quickly. Preventative maintenance is key for homeowners when it comes to your furnace unit, as it can ensure that there will be uninterrupted heating throughout the fall and into the winter months. No one wants to have their furnace break down – especially when they need it on a chilly night!

What will the tune-up include?
When you call us for a tune-up, we’ll come out and do a full inspection of the unit and identify any problems that might be occurring. If there are components or parts that seem to be wearing down, we’ll let you know. We’ll clean the furnace for you and make sure that there is no unnecessary build up that can affect the performance of the machine. We’ll also make sure the air cleaners, vents, and humidifiers look good.

What are the benefits of a furnace tune-up?
When your system is dirty or hasn’t been checked for a while, there is likely some friction or build up in the machine that is causing it to be less efficient. With a good cleaning, you’ll have a more efficient system that will last longer and cost you less on your energy bills. In addition, when the system isn’t working at its best, it likely isn’t keeping you as comfortable as it could be. When it’s tuned-up and working at its peak, the temperature that you set the machine will be accurate and in turn, will comfortably heat your home as you see fit.

So, before the weather starts cooling down, beat the rush for service and give us a call today! Call us at 503-862-2050 to set up your fall tune up. We’re happy to help investigate what your potential problem areas are and offer you solutions to keep your system in good working order. 

In addition, we offer top notch Precision Tune-Ups through our Annual Maintenance Energy Savings Agreements for both your home and business. Interested in just trying us out? Click here to find out more information. Need to replace or add a new furnace system? Our experienced sales team can help. We are proud of their informative and educational non-push approach.

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