Top 5 Indoor Air Quality Solutions For Your Home

Spring is just around the corner and that means allergy season will be arriving soon, too. The upcoming change of season is a great time to evaluate your indoor air quality and figure out how you can make sure you’re breathing the best air possible. We are proud to provide a variety of indoor air quality solutions that will help keep you comfortable and healthy year-round.

#1: Aeroseal:
Leaking ducts not only cost homeowners hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in wasted energy every year, but they also contribute to poor air quality. Leaking ducts can allow dust, dirt, pollen, and other harmful chemicals into the air of your home. Sealing your home’s ductwork through the patented Aeroseal® system means you’ll keep toxins out. It fixes leaks from the inside out by using small aerosol particles that collide and stick to the leaks. With a 98% success rate, you can’t go wrong.

#2: Advanced filtration:
Installing a quality air purification system for your home will clean the air in your home quickly and efficiently. With one-of-a-kind technology that captures up to 99% of germs, viruses, mold, and bacteria, these systems will kill those pathogens to help you breathe better air and stay healthy. In addition, these systems will capture pollen, pet dander, smoke, and other pollutants that contribute to dirty air. We offer several top-notch systems that will work in tandem with your HVAC system.

#3: Duct cleaning:
When was the last time you’ve had your ductwork cleaned? If you’ve never done this, chances are, your ducts are full of contaminants that are being blown right back into the air you breathe. These could include dust mites, bacteria, or fungi particles – all of which can contribute to health issues. Our team at Specialty Heating and Cooling works to clean the ductwork as thoroughly as possible with a powerful HEPA level filtration machine. In 4 to 6 hours, you’ll have clean ducts and you’ll be able to breathe the air in your home knowing that it is clean.

#4: Carbon monoxide detector:
Carbon monoxide is deadly. It’s odorless and colorless, so there is no way to know if it’s seeping into the air you breathe. Carbon monoxide alarms are critical for every homeowner to have. We’re proud to carry the Carrier CO Alarm, which comes with a 7-year warranty and can plug into any electrical outlet in the home. Its sensor technology senses and records carbon monoxide levels every 15 seconds so you rest assured knowing that there is no carbon monoxide present.

#5: Air Scrubber:
Purified air in your home means you’re breathing healthier air. The Air Scrubber uses ActivePure™ technology, which is proven to purify the air by its germicidal UV light wave system. This process uses molecules of oxygen and hydrogen that travel through the unit, as to freshen and clean the air molecules that enter the air at home. It can eliminate 90% of the contaminants in only 30 minutes.

When it comes time to start thinking about spring cleaning, don’t forget about cleaning the air you breathe! Contact us today for information on indoor air quality and we’ll help you find the best solution for your home.

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