Welcome Warm Weather!

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After what seemed like endless amounts of rain (and even flooding) in most areas last week, the summer weather is here! The beginning of the week is already showing to be warm, but forecasters are expecting temperatures to get even hotter with temps rising to the 90’s this week!

So, here’s a little trivia! Did you know that the highest temperature ever recorded in Portland was 107 °F, on July 30, 1965 as well as on August 8 and 10, 1981? (1)We can hope that temperatures won’t be that scorching, but you never know! The temperature swings that we have had recently have been some of the widest we have ever seen. One day it might be a scorcher, the next day, it could be raining again.

No matter what the weather might be like during the summer months, it is important to be prepared for some unexpected heat. If you don’t keep yourself cool, you may experience heat stroke, dehydration, or heat exhaustion. Or, you just might be so sweaty, irritable, and uncomfortable that you will wish that you had taken care of your cooling system before the weather changed.

How should you prepare for the warm weather?

  1. Change your filters!
    Dirty air filters mean that your system will be less efficient, so be sure to install new ones regularly so you can get the most out of your cooling unit.
  2. Set up a tune up appointment now!
    Regular tune ups will keep your system running well, which will help increase the lifespan of your unit while improving indoor air quality. They can also help save energy, which means your utility bill will be better. In addition, when you call us for a regular tune up, we’ll be able to spot any problem spots before something serious happens. That means you’ll save time and money in the long run!
  3. Don’t wait for it to get hotter to do something about it!
    Stay ahead of the game and be sure you have a reliable cooling system in place before the hottest days strike. It’s easy to forget about getting a tune up, but if you don’t, you’ll just add undue stress to your life!

For more information, call us at 503-862-2050 to set up a tune up on your current system, or talk to us about other system options that may be a better fit for you. No matter what it is, we’re here to help!

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  1. Source: Wikipedia, Portland Oregon


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