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Tiny House in palm of handFor over 30 years, it has been our pleasure to go above and beyond to create the ultimate customer service experience.  We understand it can be intimidating to have ‘strangers’ in your home, however our philosophy is to treat your home better than our own.  We have a ‘cleaner than you left it’ policy for all our installers and technicians just to make sure you are completely satisfied with our family at Specialty Heating & Cooling. Below are just a few of the great testimonials our customers have shared with us and we are very proud to share them with you.

“Nic and his team exceeded my expectations in every way and in every step of the process.

From my very first interaction to the last, Specialty Heating and Cooling exceeded my expectations.

I contacted Specialty for an estimate via their website. I was called the next morning to setup an appointment for an on-site estimate later that week.

Nic Sterrazza was the consultant assigned to my request. He arrived on time for the estimate, which took about 45 minutes. He did a walk through of my house to determine installation requirement, then discussed with my the different manufactures, made recommendations for zoning, need unit capacity for the space and placement of the ductless units (indoor and outdoor). Nic also talked to me about different add-on options that that were available. He then went into detail about PGE and state tax credit and refunds I would qualify for, as well payment and financing options offered by Specialty.

After that, we sat down and Nic entered all the information he had collected and provided me with an estimate, right on the spot! The estimate was itemized and included all credits and refunds. I knew exactly what I would be getting, what I would owe and when. Nic also explained that Specialty would file all the paperwork with the PGE and the state. They would also take care of all the county permits and setup the inspection following the installation.

After a few days, Nic called me to follow up. At that time I decided to move forward Specialty Heating and Cooling with the installation of a Daikin ductless system.

The installation crew continued the great service and quality of work. They showed up on time – the electrician, parts delivery and installation crew. They went through again what the installation would be, where the units would be placed, etc. There were no surprises. Then they got right to work. They were very respectful of my house and took special care to keep doors shut so my dog wouldn’t wander out. At the end of the installation (which finished on schedule) they tested the system and then walked me through how to operate it and answered all questions.

Specialty followed up with me a few days following to make sure I didn’t have any questions and ensure the system continued to work as expected. At that same time we setup the date/time of the county inspection.

Nic and his team exceeded my expectations in every way and in every step of the process. I’m looking forward to a cool home this summer and much, much lower heating bills this winter. I couldn’t be happier.”

Shelby Root

“Specialty Heating & Cooling Inc is truly an A+ company!

Specialty Heating & Cooling Inc. sent Nic to our home for the initial walk through and to explain the different options we had in choosing our next furnace and A/C unit. He was very professional and very low key. One thing that really impressed me was how Nic was able to narrow down our needs and what we were willing to spend. Within about 10 minutes I was informed enough to choose my new system without hesitation.

The installation techs were outstanding! Clean, organized and prompt on the day of install. I watched them work and was really impressed with how well they knew their job! The new system works fantastic! The follow-up was detailed and impressive as well.

(Report to Angies List) My wife and I strongly suggest adding this company to your short list of furnace & A/C companies that you interview when choosing repair or replacement of equipment.. Specialty Heating & Cooling Inc is truly an A+ company!”

David Kasten

“Probably one of the best install jobs I’ve seen in a difficult place.

I worked with Cory to get a free estimate. He did an excellent job of formulating a proposal that met our needs. The installation crew arrived on time, worked hard and finished late. Probably one of the best install jobs I’ve seen in a difficult place. (Attic installation) They took special pains to keep the floor covered and minimize the mess. That was greatly appreciated. They truly were a professional and knowledgeable crew.

The new Carrier gas furnace has performed beyond my expectations. The A/C will be tested during the summer but I have no doubts it will be great.

I called on a Monday morning to see if a technician could come out and give the A/C its final check. Much to my surprise, it happened. What great service on short notice.

Everyone I have talked with at Specialty has been helpful, positive and a pleasure to work with. Remember, quality may cost a little more, but in the long run, it’s well worth it.”

– Robert McElroy

…each person I’ve worked with from SHC has been (and without exception) absolutely terrific and beyond professional in every sense of the word.

Absolutely thrilled to get to say how exceptional your company is – Ever since you first installed our two hybrid systems 2 1/2 years ago, with every regular service visit and one emergency call, each person I’ve worked with from SHC has been (and without exception) absolutely terrific and beyond professional in every sense of the word (including patience with my questions and kindness in caring to insure I understood all I needed to know along the way). This latest adventure involved moving the lines for one of the systems out of the way as part of a bathroom remodel and closing off a useless return vent so that we could move a shower into that space – As had been demonstrated before, Eric was totally efficient, took it all on with gusto, and looked after every detail – including totally taking on at least a couple more details that I’d not even thought of but were indeed all part of the job we were trying to do. All work was handled efficiently and with confidence, and am very grateful for it all having been attended to and attended to so well. Everything from pulling the required permit to the return trip after the related inspection was handled as the pro’s they are. Two other companies had bid on the job and were likely equally as capable – but it’s the spirit and attitude that are at the core of this company which sets them apart and makes them a true joy to work with – and every contact with anyone from SHC keeps reminding me of why I’m such a devoted and happy customer.

– Jan Pritchard

What an amazing company!

We are putting our house on the market, so I called you first to check out our furnace and air conditioner. The furnace was very old and leaking, so it was recommended to replace it. It would never have passed inspection. The same occurred with the air conditioning unit. This project was done within three days. Nic worked hard to keep the price down and to salvage any working piece of the system for me. What an amazing company! I had a man here giving me a bid on carpet when Nic arrived to make the bid on replacing the furnace, and when the carpet man saw that it was Specialty Heating and cooling, he turned to me and said what a great company it was. At first, the service man inspecting the old furnace seemed very sincere and knowledgeable. Then Nic came by to bid on replacing the unit and tried to keep the cost as low as possible. He credited back the cost of the tune up and gave me an Angie’s List discount. He scheduled me within three days and, on the day of the install, someone came early so I had no wait time until the crew came, and could leave just after letting him in. Everyone was pleasant and professional. And…They always wore booties in my house! I highly recommend this company!

– Kevin Higgins

Specialty H&C is a great company to work with and I had a terrific experience with all of the employees that I dealt with.

Your team replaced a 10 year old Carrier furnace. You removed the old one and installed a new Carrier Performance 96 furnace. I met Nic on Monday afternoon after reading about Specialty Heating & Cooling on Angie’s List. He was prompt and efficient. Nic inspected my old furnace (which I had a lot of issues with, the latest problem being holes in the Secondary Heat Exchanger) and said that he thought it been installed incorrectly and while I could pay to get it fixed this time, it would not fix a bad installation job. So we decided at 8pm on Monday night the type of new furnace we wanted. Nic took my call at 8 and told me he could start installing the next day (Yep, I was impressed too!). He called me promptly at 8:15 am the next morning with a minor set-back (none of the units that I chose were in stock). He asked me to give him a little more time to work through this and called back within 15 minutes to tell me they had a solution. The installers were at my house, with the furnace, by 9:30 and had the job done by 3pm. Both of the installation guys were great, very knowledgeable, skillful, and helpful (helped me program the new thermostat). They even changed the location of my thermostat so it was not in the direct sun. All in all I really liked my experience with your company. I gave them a B for pricing because I was pretty torqued that I had to replace my old furnace after only 10 years of service (they are supposed to last for 20 years). Specialty H&C is a great company to work with and I had a terrific experience with all of the employees that I dealt with.

– Chris & Ruth Metcalf

You provided me with paperwork forms for my tax credit and rebate, which I hadn’t expected to be done by your company!

Another company had come out to do an annual service on my furnace (I had a groupon). They found a cracked heat exchanger–a potential CO problem. My choices were to replace the heat exchanger and keep the rest of a very cheap system, or do a total replacement. I chose the total replacement. I asked Specialty to come out and give me a bid, along with the first company. What sold me over the other company (and it was a tough decision, too) was 1) how long Specialty Heating had been in business; 2) no big sales pitch—Bob was very laid back; and 3) he gave me just the facts—Bob printed everything out at my house for me to look at when he was gone, particularly the legal stuff. The other company gave me a few figures and a brochure. After I decided to go with them, I came to your business, paid half, and signed the proposal. You provided me with paperwork forms for my tax credit and rebate, which I hadn’t expected to be done by your company! In addition, Carrier is a good name to choose. I feel I will have this furnace a long time. So far, my house is toasty–the installer helped me program the thermostat.

– Lori Cohen

I don’t think it gets any better than this!

Purpose: My old furnace died. I needed a new one.

Work: Remove old furnace. Install new high efficiency furnace. Reroute the water heater venting. Dispose of old furnace. Rewire existing thermostat.

Sales Effort: Nic’s approach was low key and reasonable. He didn’t try to “sell” me on stuff I didn’t need. He explained the operational and economic impacts of various available options. The Standard efficiency, high efficiency, and new thermostat versus the old thermostat. In the end I selected a Carrier high efficiency furnace and kept my old thermostat.

Installation: Terrific! A two man crew showed up on time. They were meticulous, clean, knowledgeable, and professional. The new furnace required its own venting, so the crew had to work on the water heater vent as well. However, they not only rerouted the venting, they upgraded it from flexible to fixed jointed double wall venting at no extra charge. The furnace is inside my house on the main living floor. The crew covered the pathway to the furnace with heavy mats. They vacuumed the floor when they were finished.

Opinion: I used to work in construction. I don’t think it gets any better than this!

– Ty Fredette

We purchased a new high-efficiency heat pump. From our first inquiry call to the final inspection, Specialty offered us outstanding customer service. You seemed especially attentive to Angie’s List customers, and even gave us a healthy discount off the price for being a member. Highly recommend Specialty Heating & Cooling! We’ve dealt with several other local HVAC contractors and none compared to the customer service and expertise of the techs at Specialty.

– Michelle Maldonado

Very professional, knowledgeable, and the problem was quickly solved!

Our furnace did not work on Saturday. It sure was pretty cool last night. The furnace started briefly this morning but then stopped working. I called Specialty Heating and the answering service was very cheerful and a repair man, Lance, called back within 20 min. or so and he showed up at our house within an hour and the heat was restored within an hour of that. We were told that we should have been changing our air filters once every three months, but we actually don’t recall ever having changed our filters. This led to much dust and build up in the unit, as well as to several components shorting out. Lance said that we should also have a carbon monoxide detector, especially given the age of our furnace. Very professional, knowledgeable, and the problem was quickly solved! The overall experience was very good, but I guess I would suggest following the advice of Lance and having regular inspections of the heating and air-conditioning system (we will now have this done through Specialty Heating) and changing our filters regularly (Our unit is quite old and the filters have to be cut down to size to fit but Lance showed us how to install it).

It sure appeared to me that he knew his stuff! Reminds us once again of the importance of regular maintenance.

– Caleb Burns

Your company installed a new gas furnace and removed the old one. The installers were very professional, did exactly as they said they would, and the quality of work is excellent! We looked and consulted with three different vendors from Angie’s list, and SHC was by far the most professional. We couldn’t be happier with your service.

– Joline Bronson

What a refreshing experience with an HVAC company.

What a refreshing experience with an HVAC company. Our gas pilot kept failing in our water heater; Specialty came out and didn’t actually fix this issue, but referred me to another plumbing specialist. The man that came out from Specialty said he could fix it, but it might be better to call the plumbing specialist who would have parts on-hand and if that specialist couldn’t come out that day, he’d come back to work on it himself. WOW. You have Great people in service. He didn’t charge me for coming out on a weekend and I have a lot of respect for how your company does business, based on this one experience. Because of this employee’s action, we actually had Nic come out and bid on an entire new system. Nic was professional and took time to really go through all the various options. We’re not yet ready to buy a new system, but because of your company’s ethics, this is where we’ll go to replace our system when the time is right. Thanks Specialty, it’s good to know companies still exist that don’t take advantage of people.

– Danika Hercha

We used your company when we replaced our hot water heater and furnace. You have also helped us with our dryer vent and air conditioning. We have been with SHC for years. You did an emergency AC repair for us a few years back and we liked the service tech so much that we bought an annual service plan and have used them for all of our HVAC needs. You team replaced our hot water heater and furnace last summer. The installers were extremely professional, clean and a pleasure to work with. The team, including our sales Rep. Cory, took pride in doing a great job! When there was an issue with the location of external venting, your installers found a way to re-route the pipes to complete the job.

– Lisel Welden

They were truly craftsmen!“I asked a lot of questions and received courteous, knowledgeable and professional answers. It was very evident that Mark and Eric took pride in the quality of their work. They were truly craftsmen!”

“Your service people are professional, very skilled and always a delight to be in my home. I have been with SHC for many years and I recommend you to friends and neighbors.”

– Ms. Carole R. Rotstein

“Thanks so much for getting those furnaces installed so soon. I really appreciate it. Dave Pershing was great to work with and was a big help. The renter also thanks you because now he is enjoying the heat.”

– Stan Anderson

We really got our money’s worth!“Specialty Heating was very professional and did an A+ job on retrofitting our 1948 house from oil to a natural gas/air conditioning/ air filter system. The air quality is excellent now and healthy for us. Specialty Heating did the job very quickly and did little extras for us that made us feel like we really got our money’s worth!”

– Darrell and Tammy Hiltz

“From beginning to end- the installation was the type of experience you would like to have for all your household improvements.

– Dr. and Mrs. Reiter

…the whole thing was completed in just one day. The workmanship is excellent…“Thank you for meeting with us the day after Thanksgiving so we could get started on the repairs that were necessary before we could move into our new home. Your time and patience with explaning our options was much appreciated. The team that came out on December 12th to do the actual installation acted very professional. They were on time and polite. Each man got busy and did his part of the job and surprisingly, the whole thing was completed in just one day. The workmanship is excellent and they hauled away our old furnace and water heater and cleaned up their work area. We are pleased with Specialty Heating & Cooling, Inc., and in the near future you will be getting my family as another new customer.”

– Susan and Paul Tumanoff

This customer loved Bob Matheis. As told to our Sales Lead Coordinator:

“This customer loved Bob Matheis”. She stated they’ve dealt with several contractors in the past, but none of them had ever arrived on time, followed up with them , or acted in a professional manner as Bob Matheis did. In fact, Judith felt so bad that her husband had decided to place their money towards re-doing their floors instead of purchasing the fireplace that she offered to pay for Bob’s estimate and time. Judith said she would continue to work on her husband as she really wants the fireplace insert.

– Ms.Judith Wong

I want you to be aware of how grateful I am that SHC stands behind its word, it is a company with awesome integrity.“The first thing that attracted me to this company was the mentioning of the word “integrity” in the advertisement. Now at this point it was only a word, but the service I recieved demonstrated that it must also be a philosophy at SHC…I want you to be aware of how grateful I am that SHC stands behind its word, it is a company with awesome integrity. Let me say that I truly value personal and individualized assistance in an age where most of the business I do is with machine operators and disenfranchised employees of giant corporations. I will happily make referrals whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I wish more transactions could feel this good. Thank you again!”

– Jamie Rothbard

These men were professional in work and demeanor, polite to my wife, and myself and truly kind to my small children…“On Monday, December 27th, your installation crew consisting of George, Eric and Joe, arrived promptly at the specified period and began work. The level of professionalism these men showed from the outset was remarkable and refreshing in a time when most companies seem to worry more about getting the job done quickly instead of taking the time to get things right. These men were professional in work and demeanor, polite to my wife, and myself and truly kind to my small children when I failed to keep them corralled away from the jobsite. From the beginning of this purchase, we have been well taken care of. Ron, the salesman took pains to ensure that the purchase went smoothly. Your office staff is helpful and friendly over the phone, and I can’t say enough about good things about your installers. I would not venture to guess how you calculate on emplyee’s merit, but if letters of praise help then be sure to place a copy in the file of everyone invloved in our transaction. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for a new heating & cooling system.”

– Scott Courtney

It’s been 9 months since we had the work down and everything works perfectly.“Specialty Heating & Cooling did a fantastic job re-routing all of the ductwork in my home. Previous owners had routed the duct work above a drop ceiling and fed the upstairs through floor vents. Restoring the home to its original 1906 look required removal of this ceiling and re-routing the duct work through the attic (a task that took experience, creativity and patience)…..It’s been 9 months since we had the work down and everything works perfectly….”

– Anthony DiFalco

Overall I rate our experience a 10+“I usually never write letters about my experiences, but I have to say that your company is worth writing about. My wife and I bought our house about two years ago knowing that we would have to replace our heating and cooling system. We went through a couple different companies to get estimates regarding the replacement of our system. I came upon your company on Angie’s List, and I thought we would give you a call to get an estimate….We wanted to move our unit under the house and into the crawlspace. Every other company came out told us that would be so expensive and be a very big hassle. Abe told us no problem and let’s make it happen…..Overall I rate our experience a 10+. I have already referred your company to some friends and family. Thank you so much for a job well done. I will refer everyone I know. I own a family business too, and I hope our customers feel the same way about us as I do with you.”

– J. R. Carlson

…it is so rare to experience 100% bullet-proof technical competence, installation, and customer service…This letter was addressed to our owner. “We have not met, but you came highly recommended by our real estate agent, Aase Otto. Her furnace gave up the ghost in March 2007. You did an energy audit and load calculation, and promptly installed a replacement unit. She raved about the experience, and now I know why……I took time to go into detail because it is so rare to experience 100% bullet-proof technical competence, installation, and customer service these days. Believe me, nothing else involved in this project has come anywhere close! (You don’t remodel bathrooms, do you?!). Obviously you pay close attention to continued quality improvement, and I’d like to offer some suggestions to make your business even better. Sorry -I just can’t think of any! Thanks for the experience. We own another home and several rental units in the area, and look forward to working with you again.”

– Ed and Janet Gallaher

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