Why Is Fall Furnace Service Important?

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We had a beautiful Pacific Northwest summer and now autumn has returned in all of its glory. Temperatures are mild, skies are blue, and the mornings are crisp. Now that fall has arrived, it’s a great time to have your HVAC system serviced and tuned-up. We talk a lot about the importance of spring tune-ups, as it’s a great time to make sure things are in good working order before the warm summer months, but autumn tune-ups are just as important because colder weather is coming. Is your furnace up for the job of keeping you comfortable all fall and winter? Here’s why fall furnace service is important:

Reason #1: It keeps the air cleaner.
Indoor air quality is incredibly important, especially now that school is back in session and viruses are circulating freely. Keeping your furnace clean and working well means that the air you breathe will be cleaner. Looking to enhance your indoor air quality even more? Consider the Air Scrubber, which uses ActivePure™ technology that uses germicidal UV light waves with an exclusive catalytic process that uses enviroscrubbing molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. It can reduce 99.9% of the harmful contaminants that get into your home in just 30 minutes of use. In addition, the Infinity® Air Purifier is another great product that uses a unique Capture and Kills ™ technology which captures up to 99% airborne viruses, germs, mold, and bacteria, then uses an electrical charge to kill them.

Reason #2: It cleans the system.
Over time, dust and other debris will accumulate on your system. If it’s not cleaned well every year, your system’s air flow could be reduced and you will have a much lower level of efficiency happening. It could also cause parts to wear down and break, which could mean you’re facing a costly repair in the future.

Reason #3: It keeps your system running longer.
Without annual cleaning and preventative maintenance services, your furnace can wear out quickly. Consider your HVAC tune-ups as similar to when you get your car serviced or get the oil changed. Servicing can ensure that the system will continue to work at its optimal performance level and that there will be no breakdowns during the brutally cold months of winter.  When winter hits, our team is usually busy with emergency calls and you don’t want to be included on that list, so plan ahead with a fall tune-up. When you go to turn on your furnace, you want it to work!

What does a tune-up include?
A tune-up includes a thorough cleaning and full inspection of the furnace to identify any potential issues that may be happening and to make sure the unit is at its optimal efficiency for max comfort.  If there are any areas of concern, we’ll let you know.  Also, keeping current on your annual maintenance keeps you in compliance with manufactures warranty standards.

So before the weather gets extremely cold and wet, beat the rush for service and call us today for a fall tune up. Our experienced team of professionals will make sure your system is up and running well so you can live comfortably this fall and winter in Oregon!

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  1. Tyler Meredith

    It’s interesting that even if the system’s not being used, the furnace will still gather dust over the summer. It definitely makes sense that this could be the case, especially in a dirty industrial environment. It’s something to remember for any HVAC system as having a clean, working furnace for the cold months would be very beneficial.

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