Why should you check your heat exchanger for cracks?

Did you know that a cracked heat exchanger could be a very serious issue that could cause significant health issues? When we inspect furnaces, we sometimes find cracked heat exchangers or exchangers with holes in them. If this is the case, they need to be fixed right away.

What is a heat exchanger?
This is one of the most important parts of your furnace system. Simply put, the heat exchanger is the part that will heat the air. It consists of tubes and coils that are looped around. It uses fuel to combust the inside of it and creates heat to get very hot. Then, the fan/blower motor will blow the air over the heat exchanger and into your ductwork so it can be distributed around your home or office building.

If the heat exchanger is damaged – either with cracks or holes – heat exchangers could allow exhaust gas from the furnace to contaminate the air inside with carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is also known as a silent killer, because it doesn’t have an odor or anything else noticeable, until it’s too late and people inside start noticing that they feel sick.

Heat exchangers are subjected to extreme temperatures as they cool and heat up the air, so the metal will expand and contract. Over time, this could cause strain on the exchanger and make it prone to cracking. It’s very important to have a furnace inspection and the beginning of autumn is a great time to get it done!  Our senior Service Technicians at Specialty Heating and Cooling will inspect all parts of your furnace, then we will use a special tool called the Inspector™ Camera to look at the heat exchanger specifically. This is the only product on the market today that uses a high definition camera and monitor to spot small cracks, rust, corrosion, or holes in furnace heat exchangers.

Contact us today to make sure your furnace is in good working order just in time for the upcoming cooler months of fall and winter.

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