Aeroseal ® Duct Sealing

    High-Quality Duct Sealing in Tigard

    At Specialty Heating and Cooling, we believe in keeping Tigard green. We recycled over 187,000 pounds of scrap metal in just 2019. Because R22 refrigerant can be recycled and reused, we recycled over 550 pounds of it as well. Our Master Recycler is focused on making sure that our company operates sustainably.

    You can count on:
    • Knowledgeable customer service
    • NATE-certified technicians
    • Fast turnaround times
    • Respect for you and your home

    How Duct Sealing Benefits You

    In the average home, about half of all energy costs are spent on heating and cooling. About 30% of conditioned air is lost in the ductwork due to holes, gaps, and other leaks. Leaky ducts cost American homeowners about $25 billion a year in added energy costs. At Specialty Heating and Cooling, we want to save Tigard families money by sealing ducts so that conditioned air is efficiently delivered throughout their homes.

    Duct leaks can also be a health hazard. Dust, mold, and other pollutants can get into your home through a duct leak. This can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues. We perform Aeroseal duct sealing so that your home is comfortable, you save money, and your indoor air quality is improved. You may even qualify for a 10% federal tax credit to defray the cost of having your ducts sealed.

    Our duct sealing service is:
    • Competitively priced
    • Performed with attention to detail
    • Done by qualified technicians
    • Award winning

    Duct Sealing You Can Rely On

    At Specialty Heating and Cooling, we offer Tigard families a company with hundreds of years of combined experience. Our team has worked in all areas of the heating and cooling industry. We have won many industry awards, such as Consumers Digest Best Buy, Angie’s List Super Service Award, and Carrier’s 2019 President’s Award. The core value of our business has always been to put our customers first.

    Specialty Heating and Cooling is the first place to call if you have duct leaks in Tigard. We can also help you when your furnace or air conditioner needs to be replaced, maintained, or repaired. Please call today to schedule one of our many services.